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Thursday, 27 March 2014

British Calvinists: Paul Baynes (c.1560-1617)

Paul Baynes (c.1560-1617) was a radical Puritan. Born in London, he graduated from Cambridge in 1593 and was elected a fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge in 1600. He was a student of William Perkins and he succeeded Perkins as lecture at St Andrew's the Great, Cambridge in 1602.

Richard Sibbes was converted under Baynes' preaching and he was a key influence on William Ames.

He was silenced for preaching without a licence in 1608. He was a Congregationalist  but disliked the separatism of the Brownists. 

His commentary on Ephesians is a defence of Calvinism. He died in Cambridge and is buried in St Andrew's.

Further Reading
Andrew Atherstone (2007) The Silencing of Paul Baynes and Thomas Taylor, Puritan Lecturers at Cambridge, Notes and Queries 54, pp. 386-389.
Some of his writings can be found here:

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