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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

British Calvinists: John Field (1545-1588)

John Field (1545-1588) (aka Fielde) was a graduate of Christ Church, Oxford. he was ordained by Edward Grindal in 1556.

He worked in London for a while, there he voiced criticism of the Established church which led to him being suspended from preaching from 1571 to 1579. He was opposed to the Act of Uniformity and to Romanising tendencies in the Church of England.

He wrote  A View of Popish Abuses yet remaining in the English Church in 1572 for which he was imprisoned for a year. 
"… we in England are so far off from having a Church rightly reformed, according to the prescript of God's word that as yet we are not come to the outward face of the same. …"
From the Admonition to Parliament (1572)

 In 1584, he helped compile the  Book of Discipline which served as as a model for how Parliament should be reforming the Church. Field unsuccessful in trying to organise the Puritans into presbyterian synods.

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