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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Philosophy of Technology by Maarten J Verkerk, Jan Hoogland, Jan van der Stoep, Marc J. de Vries

Philosophy of Technology
An Introduction for Technology and Business Students
By Maarten J Verkerk, Jan Hoogland, Jan van der Stoep, Marc J. de Vries

A new book has been published by Routledge.

'Philosophy of Technology: An introduction for technology and business students is an accessible guide to technology’s changes , their ubiquitousness, and the many questions these raise. Designed for those with no philosophical background in mind, it is ideal for technology and engineering students or specialists who want to learn to think critically about how their work influences society and our daily lives.'

Part I: Thinking & Making
1. Thinking & Technology: Between analysis & criticism Portrait Carl Mitcham
2. Speaking in a Two-Sided Way: The meaning of disclosure & the disclosure of meaning Portrait Martin Heidegger

Part II: Making & Designing
3. The World of Technology: Three kinds of complexity Portrait Lewis Mumford
4. The Artefact [I]: Diversity & coherence
Portrait Alasdair MacIntyre
5. The Artefact [II]: Identity, function & structure
Portrait Gilbert Simondon
Case Study I: Nanotechnology
6. Knowledge of Designing: The role of the engineer
Portrait Herbert Simon
7. Design & Reality: Methodological obstinacy Portrait Bruno Latour
8. Technology & Production: From dehumanisation to the human measure
Portrait Larry Hickman
Case Study II: The New Factory

Part III: Designing & Thinking
9. The Rules of the Game: Technology as a social practice Portrait Langdon Winner
10. Symmetries: Between pessimists & optimists Portrait Jacques Ellul
11. Clashing Worlds: Globalisation & cultural diversity
Portrait Albert Borgmann
Case Study III: Network Enabled Military Operations
12. The Homo Technicus: From device to cyborg Portrait Don Ihde
13. ‘Good’ Technology?: Normative artefacts & the web of responsibilities Portrait Egbert Schuurman Case Study
IV: Innovation in Health Care
14. Expectations for the Future: The secular sacred and the limits of technology
Portrait Andrew Feenberg