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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Kuyperania 2013


Bishop, Steve and John H. Kok (editors) 2013. On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work & Legacy of Abraham Kuyper. Sioux Center: Dordt College Press.

ContentsBishop, Steve “Introduction: on Kuyper.”
Van Dyke, Harry “Abraham Kuyper: heir of anti-revolutionary tradition.”
Kuyper, Catherine M. E. “Abraham Kuyper: his early life and conversion.”
Bratt, James D. “Raging tumults of soul: the private life of Abraham Kuyper.”
Henderson, Roger D. “How Abraham Kuyper became a Kuyperian.”
Van Dyke, Harry “How Abraham Kuyper became a Christian Democrat.”
Langley, McKendree R. “The political spirituality of Abraham Kuyper.”
McGoldrick, James E. “Every inch for Christ: Abraham Kuyper on the reform of the church.”
Venema, Cornelius P. “Abraham Kuyper – answering criticisms of his worldview.”
McGoldrick James E. “Claiming every inch: the worldview of Abraham Kuyper.”
Bacote, Vincent “Called back to stewardship: recovering and developing Kuyper’s cosmic pneumatology.”
Gousmett, Chris “Abraham Kuyper on creation and miracle.”
Wagenman, Michael R. “Abraham Kuyper and the church: from Calvin to the neo-Calvinists.”
Palmer, Timothy P. “The two-kingdom doctrine: a comparison study of Martin Luther and Abraham Kuyper.”
Dooyeweerd, H. “Kuyper’s philosophy of science.”
Erickson, Edward E. “Abraham Kuyper: cultural critic.”
Strauss, Daniël F. M. “The viability of Kuyper’s idea of Christian scholarship.”
Bacote, Vincent “Abraham Kuyper’s rhetorical public theology with implications for faith and learning
Klapwijk, Jacob “Abraham Kuyper on science, theology, and university.”
Zuidema, S. U. “Common grace and Christian action in Abraham Kuyper.”
Klapwijk, Jacob “Antithesis and common grace.”
McConnel, Timothy I. “Common grace or the antithesis? Toward a consistent understanding of Kuyper’s ‘sphere sovereignty’.”
Vollenhoven, D. H. Th. “Sphere sovereignty for Kuyper and for us.”
Ratzsch, Del “Abraham Kuyper’s philosophy of science.”
Menninga, Clarence “Critical reflections of Abraham Kuyper’s Evolutie address.”
Heslam, Peter S. “A theology of the arts: Kuyper’s ideas on art and religion.”
Covolo, Robert S. “Re-fashioning faith: the promise of a Kuyperian theology of fashion.”
Sherratt, Timothy “Rehabilitating the State in America: Kuyper’s overlooked contribution.”
Skillen, James “E pluribus unum and faith-based welfare reform: a Kuyperian moment for the church in God’s world.”
Harinck, George “Kuyper, South Africa, and apartheid.”
Stuart Van Leeuwen, Mary “Abraham Kuyper and the cult of true womanhood: an analysis of De Eerepositie der Vrouw.
van de Streek, Hille J. “Kuyper’s legacy and multiculturalism: gender in his conception of democracy and sphere sovereignty.”
Bishop, Steve “On Kuyper – a bibliography.”

Bratt, James D. 2013. Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist Christian Democrat. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

Wood, John Halsey, Jr. James 2013. Going Dutch in the Modern Age: Abraham Kuyper's Struggle for a Free Church in the Netherlands, by James. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Graham, Gordon (editor) 2013. The Kuyper Center Review 3: Calvinism and Culture. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans
Neal De Roo 2013. Culture Regained? On the Impossibility and Meaninglessness of Culture in (Some) Calvinist Thought
Albert M. Wolters 2013. Reply to Neal DeRoo
Michael Bräutigam 2013. The Pilgrimage to Kuyper? Adolf Schlatter and Abraham Kuyper on Theology, Culture, and Art
Matthew Kaemingk 2013. Theology and Architecture: Calvinist Principles for the Faithful Construction of Urban Space
William Baltmanis Whitney 2013. The Correlation between Creation and Culture in the Theology of Abraham Kuyper and Colin E. Gunton
Janet Danielson 2013. Beautiful Harmony: Kuyper, Dooyeweerd, and the American Musical Avant-Garde
James D. Bratt 2013. From Neo-Calvinism to Broadway Boogie Woogie: Abraham Kuyper as the
Clifford B. Anderson 2013. The Vampire Squid: Abraham Kuyper on Public Entertainment 

Book chapters
Wood, John Halsey, Jr. 2013. “Introduction.” In Rooted and Grounded: The Church as Organism and Institution, by Abraham Kuyper. Christian's Library Press.

Comment magazine has had a Kuyper month with these articles 
An Eclectic Inheritance: Kuyper's Politics Today by Tracy Kuperus (25 October)MINE! Kuyper for a new century by Richard Mouw (18 October)Casting Call: Abraham Kuyper and the Drama of History by Eric Miller (11 October)The Full Weight of our Convictions: The Point of Kuyperian Pluralism by Jonathan Chaplin (1 November)

Bacote, Vincent 2013. “Beyond ‘Faithful Presence’: Abraham Kuyper’s Legacy for Common Grace and Cultural Development.” Journal of Markets and Morality 16(1):

Covolo, Robert. 2013 “Faith in a Fashionable Age: Abraham Kuyper and Charles Taylor on the Secular Nexus Between Mode and Modernité.” International Journal of Public Theology 7: 297–314.

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Henderson, Roger D.  2013. "Gum and Wire, a Time for Everything under the Sun. From Kuyperian Root to Dooyeweerdian Fruit and Back" Philosophia Reformata 78(1): 1-17.

Henreckson, Davey 2013. “Can These Bones Live? Unexpected Lessons From the Life of Kuyper” Comment (July) Online:

Himes, Brant 2013. “The common good and just peacemaking: Abraham Kuyper’s and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s discipleship for a better worldliness.” Paper presented to the Twelfth Annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts: “War and Peace as Liberal Arts,” Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, February 21-23, 2013.

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This also appeared in On Kuyper.

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Wells, Ronald A. 2013 “Until the trumpet blows: getting personal with Kuyper under the cross.” (Review of Mouw) Books & Culture (March/April)

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