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Friday, 14 March 2014

British Calvinists: Henry Barrowe (c 1550-1593)

Henry Barrowe (c 1550-1593) born in Norfolk was a separatist Puritan. He graduated from Cambridge and trained for the bar at Bray's Inn, London. It was during this time that he became converted and became a Puritan. He became firm friends with John Greenwood (c. 1550-1593). 

When Greenwood was arrested an Imprisoned Barrowe went to visit him and he to was arrested for his ecclesiastical views. he was examined by Whitgift and the Court of High Commission. He and Greenwood were indicted under the 1581 Act and sent to Fleet prison.

Barowe spent the rest of his life in prison. But here he wrote many books which were smuggled out and printed abroad. In these books he articulated his view that a Church must be a faithful company of people and separated from unbelievers. there was no place for a mixed church. The word of God not tradition should be the guide. He was firmly opposed to the Established Church with its hierarchy and thought that church government should be in the hands of the elders.

He established a form of separatist quadrilateral: separation was needed as the established church involved: false worship; promiscuous membership; false ministry; and flase and anti-Christian government.

It was for these writings that he was eventually hanged with John Greenwood on 23rd March 1593. He is regarded as one of the fathers of Congregationalism. 

Further reading

John Brown 1998 [original end 1910] The English Puritans Fearn, Ross-shire: Christian Focus. 

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