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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

The religious dimension of technology

This is a piece I wrote in 1993 for the journal RE Today (Summer 1993).

More Clouser on AoLR

I've recently added links to the responses to Roy Clouser's paper Prospects for Theistic Sciencethat appeared in the ASA's journal Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith and have also posted Roy's "Replies to the Comments of Le Morvan, Halvorson, and Ratzsch on ‘Prospects for Theistic Science’” and his responses to the letters his article provoked Author’s Reply to Two Letters Regarding ‘Prospects for Theistic Science’”.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Robert Knudsen's Dooyeweerd course outline

Here is the course outline of the '4751 The Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd' taught by Robert Knudsen at Westminster Theological seminary during 1974-75.

Course Outline

I. Introduction

II. Background Study

A. Kantianism

1. Immanuel Kant
2. The Marburg School of Neo-Kantianism
3. The Baden School of Neo-Kantianism

B. Phenomenology

III. Dooyeweerd's Critique of Kantianism and Phenomenology

A. Kantianism

1. Lack of a Cosmological Foundation
2. Failure to Solve the Problem of Synthesis
3. The Kantian 'Ideas' Do not Transcend the Cosmic Diversity of Meaning
4. Kantian Epistemology Dominated by the Motive of Nature and Freedom

B. Neo-Kantianism
1. Consistent Application of the Dogma of the Atuonomy of Theoretical Thought
2. The Distinction of Norm and Fact
3. The Distinction of Form and Content


1. The Crisis of Foundations
2. The Self-Sufficient of Theoretical Thought
3. The Primary Field of Consciousness
4. The Transition to Irrational Phenomenology

IV.The Transcendental Problems of Philosophy: A Critique of Theoretical Thought

A. The Problem of Antithesis
1. Pre-Theoretical and Theoretical Thought
2. The Problem of Time
3. The Structure of the Antithetical (Gegenstand) Relation

B. The Problem of Synthesis

C. The Problem of the Self
D. Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of God in the Grip of the Religious Ground Motives

V. Some Major Critics of Dooyeweerd

A. William Young
B. Vincent Brummer
C. Hendrik Stoker

D. C. Van Til

VI. Concluding Reflection: The Religious Source and Intent of Christian Transcendental Philosophy

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Odds and sods

Macht has an excellent book proposal

The evangelical ecologist links to an mp3 of Jay Richards talking about ’ a proper Christian approach to the environment’

The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulnesss: A Guide for Students is new book co-written by Derek Melleby [HT Friend of Kuyper]

jonny baker is interviewed by Alan Roxburgh

Gregory Baus interviews John Muether

Word processors reviewed

Zaine Riding of the Great software list has reviewed word processing packages. [ht lifehack] He concludes:

For myself, here are my own personal choices within each category and the briefest reasons why.

Major Word Processor

StarOffice/OpenOffice, because of its universal file format in ODF, it's roadmap, and the fact that it is Open source.

Runner-up: Microsoft Word 2007, because it's essentially a desktop publishing app now.

Second-tier Word Processor

TextMaker for its polish, accurate .doc conversion, and multi-platform support.

Runner-up: 602Text, for its stability.

Online Word Processor
Zoho Writer, because of its strong HTML formatting and feature set unique to any word processor online or desktop, and its ODF support.

Runner-up: Google Docs, because it's fast, easy, and never loses a document nor lets you make a mistake.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Reformational papers

Here's the list of the reformational papers that were in the boxes I recently received. (It's cut and paste from a spreadsheet, hence the poor spacing). If anyone would like to see a copy of a paper let me know and I'll see what I can do - on the understanding it is for personal study purposes only. Some of them, eg nos 32 and 91, are far too large to copy and some of them are in foolscap and can't be copied easily. I'm hoping I can get copyright permission to post some of them on AoLR.

Author Date Title Type Publisher
1 Antonides, Harry 1972 The Yugoslav experiment in worker' self-government mimeo
2 Antonides, Harry 1973 Worker's control Book review The Guide
3 Antonides, Harry 1974 A new manifesto? (Canada) Ltd Book review The Guide
4 Antonides, Harry 1974 The dilemma of Canadian socialism Book review The Guide
5 Antonides, Harry 1974 The precious homestaed Book review The Guide
6 Antonides, Harry nd Some thoughts on Christian social action; The basis of secular trade unions; The freedom to work booklet (no publisher details)
7 Boer, John H nd Biblical quotations on justice, stewardship and economics mimeo AACS
8 Boonstra, R, Vander Nat, P, Kraay, JN 1967 The Christian view of society mimeo
9 Borger, Byron nd Book review mimeo
10 Borger, Byron nd faith, word and life view, and philosophy photocopy of article
11 Botha, M E nd, after 1976 Objectivity under attack mimeo
12 Broodt, Peter J 1976 The limits of ownership pamphlet (photocopy)
13 Brouwer, John 1978 The year of jubilee mimeo ICS
14 Brouwers, A nd, after 1966 Pragmatism and language mimeo
15 Carson, David M 1974 The Dutch experience - what is Christian politics part 3 article (photocopy) The Christian Patriot
16 Carvill, R L Profile of Tom Skinner photocopy of article Vanguard
17 CFF 1978 Big clout for a little guy leaflet The Rural Voice
18 Chapaincy Study team 1980 Toward a normative role fo the prison chaplain mimeo
19 Christian Democratisch Appel Election profile 1977-1981: Not by bread alone mimeo
20 CLAC 1974 Submission to the Royal Commisions inquiry on certain sectors of the Building Industry commissioner his honor Harry wasberg mimeo
21 Clouser, Roy nd Dooyeweerd's metathetical critique ad itss application to Descartes and Heisenberg mimeo AACS
22 Cramp, A 1974 Danger (and opportunity): men at work photocopy of article The Guide
23 de Gaay Fortman, W F nd Aims and Purposes of Christian Trade-Unions mimeo
24 De Graaf, A 1974 Christian education: learning to see photocopy of article Vanguard
25 De Graaf, A nd By what standard? photocopy of article
26 De Jong, Judith 1976 History of psychology: a critique mimeo
27 DeGraaf, A (ed) 1970 Curriculum Development workshop socila studies outline mimeo ICS
28 Dengerink, Jan D 1963 The state and christian education in the Netherlands photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
29 Dengerink, Jan D 1965 The necessity of Christian universities mimeo AACS
30 Dengerink, Jan D 1981 Philosophy and sociology: response to D F M Strauss mimeo
31 Dengerink, Jan D 1981 The Christian and modern democracy photocopy of book chapter Where are We Now? UPA
32 Dooyeweerd, H 1970 Reconstruction and reformation mimeo
33 Dooyeweerd, H nd Sociology of law and its philosophical foundations mimeo
34 Dooyeweerd, H nd The contest about the concept of sovreignty in modern jurisprudence and political science mimeo
35 Dooyeweerd, H nd The theory of man: 32 propositions on anthropology mimeo
36 Downie, Rex nd First ammendment and Christian education mimeo
37 du Preez, Jannie 1974 The Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation photocopy of article RES Theological Bulletin
38 ECSA nd Born again to justice: replacing violence with love photocopy of mimeo
39 Eells, Robert J 1973 What is Christian politics? photocopy of article The Christian Patriot
40 Eves, Barbara A 1982 Community and aging mimeo ICS
41 Fackerell, Edward D 1979 Teaching science in christian perspective booklet PUCHE
42 Fackerell, Edward D nd, after 1969 A sketch of problems in relativistic gravitation theory mimeo
43 Forbes, Richard (aka Albert Gedraitis?) 1968 Humanism and human rights photocopy of booklet
44 Gedraitis, Albert 1970 The task of the Christian economist mimeo
45 Gedraitis, Albert Shall we join the revolution mimeo
46 Getkate, H and Jansen, J 1967 The covenant of the 20th century or 'let my people go' mimeo
47 Goudzwaard, Bob 1970 Incomes and their distribution: study outline mimeo Patrimonium
48 Goudzwaard, Bob 1971 Income differentials adrift mimeo
49 Goudzwaard, Bob 1975 Socioeconomic life - a way of confession photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
50 Goudzwaard, Bob 1980 Toward reformation in economics mimeo ICS
51 Goudzwaard, Bob 1980 Types of government economic policy mimeo ICS
52 Goudzwaard, Bob and van Baars, John Norms for international economics mimeo
53 Grant, George Faith and the multiversity mimeo
54 Greene, Bonnie 1970 Who is the one? photocopy of article Vanguard
55 Greene, Bonnie 1971 The inequality of mercy in America photocopy of article Vanguard
56 Griffioen, Sander 1972 Origins and growth of revolutionary tought: outline of lectures mimeo ICS
57 Griffioen, Sander 1977 The cry for more and more mimeo ICS
58 Griffioen, Sander 1978 The economy is our christian business offprint Calvinist-contact
59 Griffioen, Sander 1981 Facing the New Corporatism booklet CLAC
60 Griffioen, Sander and Stubbs, Peter 1978 Dependency and Marxist theory mimeo
61 Groenewold, H J 1978 Multiculturalism: Can Trudeau's liberalism tolerate it? photocopy of book Paideia Press
62 Haan, B J 1972 Politics and the kingdom mimeo NAfCPA
63 Haan, B J nd Christian action and the church mimeo NACPA
64 Hagan, Lowell A 1974 J K Galbraith Economics and the Public Purposer photocopy of article Vanguard
65 Hardy, Lee 1979 Seminar: Phenomenological value theory (Hartmann's ethics) mimeo
66 Hark, Hendrik 1982 The articulation of belief mimeo ICS
67 Hart, Hendrik 1962 Dewey's logic photocopy of article ?
68 Hart, Hendrik 1977 The impasse of rationality today: a precis mimeo ICS
69 Hart, Hendrik 1980 Criticl reflections of Wolterstorff's reason within the bounds of religion mimeo ICS
70 Hart, Hendrik 1980 The re-cognition of science and knowledge mimeo ICS
71 Hart, Hendrik 1963-64 Anthropology: some questions and remarks mimeo Christian vanguard
72 Hart, Hendrik nd Problem of time: an essay mimeo ICS
73 Hart, Hendrik Scientific method mimeo
74 Hart, Hendrik Transcendental method: logic or nature of a fact mimeo
75 Hart, Hendrik and Olthuis, John 1979 Theses on science and revelation mimeo ICS
76 Hendriksen, Daniel P 1969 From paradigm to practice in linguistics mimeo
77 Hexham, Irving R 1974 Calvinism and cculture: a historicl perspective Offprint Crux
78 Hexham, Irving R 1979 Calvinism & culture: a historical perspective offprint Crux
79 Heyns, Johan A 1977 The biblical view of righteousness photocopy of article RES Theological Bulletin
80 Hills, G A 1974 A philosophical approach to landscape planning photocopy of article Landscape Planning
81 Hoitenga, Dewey J nd Christianity and the professions mimeo AACS
82 Holland, Daniel Woodrow Jr nd A political bibliography mimeo
83 Hoogendoorn, Case 1978 The legal enforcement of morals mimeo APJ Conf
84 Hughes, Philip E nd Pico Della Mirandola 1463-1494 photocopy of article
85 Hulst, J B 1972 Tomorrow's task mimeo NACPA
86 Hyser, Joel 1974 Philosophy of science interim seminar mimeo
87 Jones, David C 1978 Who are the poor? photocopy RES Theological Bulletin
88 Jones, Peter R 1973 The apsotel paul: a second moses to the new covenant community mimeo
89 Kennalt, Thomas nd Explorations: Out of concern for the church photocopy of article Vanguard?
90 Kline, Meredith G 1978 Comments on an old-new error photocopy of article WTJ
91 Knudsen, Robert D 1963 Symbol and Myth in Contemporary Theology book - mimeo
92 Knudsen, Robert D 1971 Philosophia Reformanda: Reflections on the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd mimeo WTS
93 Knudsen, Robert D 1972 VIII Sociology - syllabus mimeo WTS
94 Knudsen, Robert D 1974 The philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd- syllabus mimeo WTS
95 Knudsen, Robert D 1977 The encounter of Christianity with secular science - syllabus mimeo WTS
96 Knudsen, Robert D nd Abstract: Dooyeweerd's doctrine of science mimeo
97 Kraay, John 1966 revelation and existentialism mimeo
98 Kuyper, Abraham (Transl de Vries, J H) 1963 Science impaired by sin mimeo
99 Linda Leenders 1977 Max Scheler's view of man as unique mimeo ICS
100 Lyon, David 1977 Reciprocity and responsibility in sociology mimeo ICS
101 Lyon, David 1978 Secularization: processes and interpretation mimeo ICS
102 Manley, Elizabeth 1973 Review of Gardner Abortion photocopy of article Vanguard
103 Marcel, P Ch 1966 The Holy Spirit: witness to the Father photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
104 Marshall, Paul 1978 A consideration of the utility and limits of mathematical techniques in political analysis mimeo ICS
105 Marshall, Paul 1980 The basis of human rights in Canada photocopy of article The Guide
106 Marshall, Paul nd, after 1970 Individualism and the Puritans mimeo
107 Marshall, Paul Some recent conceptions of operationalism and operationalizing photocopy of article Phil Ref
108 Marshall, Paul et al. 1980 Te realtion of paradigm and worldview, and the implications of paradigms for the social sciences and professions mimeo ICS
109 McCarthy, Rockne 1971 The foolishness(?) of a Christian political movement: does it make sense? mimeo NACPA
110 McCarthy, Rockne 1979 The controversy over public funding for schools 1978 photocopy of article The Banner
111 McCarthy, Rockne The conflict of spirits in America mimeo
112 Miller, Vincent P, Jr 1971 The use of accessibility concepts as controls in geographic research Offprint Pennsylvania Academy of Science
113 Miller, Vincent P, Jr 1975 Trade-offs between man and nature Offprint
114 Miller, Vincent P, Jr 1977 Development and the environment an unscientific addendum mimeo
115 Miller, Vincent P, Jr On science and competence in the Christian world view mimeo
116 Miller, Vincent P, Jr Thomas Kuhn, sme of his contemporaries, and the interdisciplinary studies photocopy of article
117 Nijkamp, Peter 1976 Towards a society withput a perspective? mimeo ICS
118 Notohamidjojo, O The necessity and mission of Christian universities in modernising Asia photocopy of article
119 Nykamp, Peter 1977 Socio-ethicl aspects of labour mimeo ICS
120 Olthuis, James 1971 America walking the way of the WASP photocopy of article Vanguard
121 Olthuis, James 1972 The word of God and hermeneutics mimeo ICS
122 Olthuis, James 1973 The word of God and biblical authority mimeo ICS
123 Olthuis, James 1974 Towards reconstruction in ethics: a proposal mimeo RES Theological Bulletin
124 Olthuis, James 1975 Interpreting the unique focus of the scriptures mimeo
125 Olthuis, James 1975 The word of God and creation mimeo ICS
126 Olthuis, James nd Ambiguity is the key photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
127 Olthuis, James nd Must the church become secular? mimeo
128 Olthuis, James nd The word of God and science mimeo ICS
129 Olthuis, James nd Values and valuation mimeo ICS
130 Olthuis, James nd Visions of life and ways of life: the nature of religion mimeo ICS
131 Olthuis, James and Zylstra, Bernard 1969 Schools in the christian community mimeo
132 Olthuis, John A 1972 Ireland's agony photocopy vanguard
133 Olthuis, John A 1974 Can less be more? photocopy CJL Foundation Newsletter
134 Olthuis, John A 1975 We use too much enegy photocopy of article CJL Foundation Newsletter
135 Olthuis, John A nd A place to stand photocopy of booklet
136 Preideger, Steve nd Truth and knowledge in G C Berkouwer mimeo ICS
137 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1964 Freedom and justice for all photocopy of booklet CJL Foundation
138 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1965 Motives of christian higher education mimeo
139 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1966 The reformed ecumencal synod photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
140 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1968 The many faces of proclamation photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
141 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1968 Unity worthy of the gospel photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
142 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1970 Foundations and change photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
143 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1970 The crisis in American politics mimeo NACPA
144 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1970 World relief in the mission of the church photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
145 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1972 Rethinking missions - in kingdom perspective photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
146 Schrotenboer, Paul G 1972 The marks of the institutional church photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
147 Schultz, Forrest W 1979 Abstracts of the research papers of FW Schultze mimeo
148 Schuurman, Egbert 1978 The scientialisation of modern culture photocopy of article Phil Ref
149 Schuurman, Egbert nd Technology in Christian perspective photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
150 Sinnema, Donald 1972 Anaximandros mimeo
151 Sinnema, Donald 1973 The toledoth of the sons of Noah: Gn 10:1-11:9 mimeo ICS
152 Sinnema, Donald 1975 The uniqueness of the certitudinal discourse mimeo ICS
153 Sinnema, Donald 1976 Luther and Calvin on Chrstianity and politics mimeo ICS
154 Sinnema, Donald 1978 An exposition of Rom 9:1-29 mimeo ICS
155 Sinnema, Donald Kingdom of the sky offprint Vanguard
156 Skillen, James W 1973 The kingdom of God and earthly politics photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
157 Skillen, James W 1975 International justice is it possible? photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
158 Skillen, James W nd Constantine and the American bicentennial mimeo
159 Spykman, Gordon J 1972 The institutional church in history photocopy of article Int Reformed Bulletin
160 Stafleu, M D 1968 Individuality in Physics mimeo
161 Stafleu, M D 1979 The isolation of a field of science photocopy of article Phil Ref
162 Stafleu, M D nd The mathematical and the technical opening up of a field of science photocopy of article Phil Ref?
163 Stafleu, M D nd Theories as logically qualified artefacts (1) photocopy of article Phil Ref?
164 Stafleu, M D nd Metric and measurement in physics photocopy of article Phil Ref?
165 Stafleu, M D nd Analysis of time in modern physics mimeo
166 Stafleu, MD 1966 Quantum physics and the philosophy of the cosmonomic idea

Monday, 18 June 2007

John Frame on Dooyeweerd and the word of God

John Frame has been involved in debates with reformationals over the nature of the word of God. The Frame-Poythress site has now uploaded a number of articles by Frame critiquing the Dooyeweerdian position here. Including an article from Vanguard in which James Olthuis responded, unfortunately, Olthuis's response is not available on the site.

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Odds and sods

Tom Wright video and mp3 on the resurrection. [ht NT Gateway weblog

On-line database [ht lifehacker]

14 resources that are not wikipedia

Cool brainstoming apps

Warburton on Spinonza's ethics (mp3). Other mp3 from Warburton's book are available here.

Here's my recent GCSE Maths blog - started for my GCSE maths group. It includes some YouTube clips I made specifically for maths revision - you can tell it's me by the hairy arms.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Pete Steen pages - update

The first two chapters from Pete Steen's The Structure of Herman Dooyeweerd's Thought have now been added to the Steen pages of All of life redeemed.

A new reformational blog/ website

Reformational UK is the idea of Rudi 'Intermezzo' Hayward. It was mooted at last year's first UK Reformational get together in Leeds. It's a blog/ website that attempts to link UK reformationals. Check it out.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Paul Otto's The Dutch-Munsee Encounter in America

'Part-time' reformational blogger and full-time historian, Paul Otto, has a new book: The Dutch-Munsee Encounter in America.

Seventeenth-century North America witnessed the encounter of numerous European nations and Native American groups. In the Hudson Valley, where the Dutch established New Netherland, Dutch and Munsee Indians met and interacted in myriad ways. Employing a frontier framework, this volume considers how Dutch-Munsee relations developed over the life of the colony. At each stage of European colonization—first contact, trade, and settlement—the Munsees faced the increasing imposition of Dutch societal structures and sovereignty over them. In response, the Munsees variously chose accomodation, resistance, or acculturation. The volume concludes with a suggestive afterword in which the author applies his frontier framework to Dutch-indigenous relations in the Cape Colony of southern Africa.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Jim Skillen annotated bibliography

Bruce Wearne has completed Public Justice for All, an annotated bibliography of the works of Jim Skillen it is 142 pages and covers 338 articles, papers and books by Skillen. It is available in pdf here. It celebrates 40 years of publishing by Skillen.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Albert Weideman pages on AoLR

Albert Weideman, professor and Director of the Unit for Academic Literacy of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, now has his own pages on All of life redeemed. I have put up 12 of his papers:

Monday, 4 June 2007

philosophy bites

Philosophy bites is a new philosophy blog by Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds.  Can and should philosphers contribute to public life? is the issue explored by Mary Warnock in an interview with Warburton and Simon Blackburn examines Plato's cave.  Coming soon is an interview with Stephen Law on the problem of evil.

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