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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Roy Clouser - two new articles

I have added two papers to the Roy Clouser pages:

The latter is an excellent accessible overview of Dooyeweerd's ideas.

Harry van Dyke pages

It has been pretty busy on All of life redemed of late. A number of new articles have been posted. And now the Harry van Dyke pages have been launched.

Harry is Director of the Dooyeweerd Centre for Christian Philosophy based at Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario and Professor Emeritus in History. He studied under H Evan Runner and M C Smit (1911-1981).

At present there are two papers on Kuyper and inks to his edited version of Groen van Prinsterer's classic Unbelief and Revolution.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Bruce Wearne reviews

Several early papers by Bruce Wearne have been added to All of life redeemed:

1978. "Seed:the salt of the earth is no opiate of the masses" Newsletter FCS NZ No 12 (April) pp 1-4.
1978. "Christian social science as a vocation" Newsletter FCS NZ No 13 (August) pp 10-18.
1978. "Graduate conference" Newsletter FCS NZ No 14 (November) pp 11-14.
1980. "Review of Hans Rookmaaker- a biography by Linette Martin" Newsletter FCS NZ No 17 (December) pp 15-16.
1980. "A Christian Social Perspective by Alan Storkey" Newsletter FCS NZ No 17 (December) pp 19-22.
1980."Marx's theses on Feuerbach: a humanistic catechism" Findings (FCS NZ) No 1 pp 17- 33.
1989. "Whatever happened to Michael Griffiths?" Tyndale Paper 34 (3).
1989. "Samuel Eliot Morison's tercentenary lament" Lucas: An Evangelical History Review No 16 (Dec) pp 46-64.

Monday, 26 November 2007

I have now bought a domain name for the All of life redeemed pages.

This will mean rather than being a collection of separate pages, all the pages will be 'under one roof'. It will also mean the end of inappropriate advertising on the site.

Each of the contributors pages can be found by adding surname.htm at the end of

  • Books:

  • Personal perspectives
  • Philosophia Reformata index for English articles
  • That's my king

    There are number of video versions of S M Lockridge's famous refrain 'My King' I make no apologies for posting another - it blesses me everytime I hear it. Lockridge was a pastor at Calvery Baptist Church, San Diego CA from 1953-1993. He died in 2000.

    The full text of the refrain is here.
    An audio file is available here.

    Odds and sods

    Tom Wright mp3s [HT between two worlds]
    Children see. Children do [HT Mike Hill]

    That's My King:

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    Tuesday, 20 November 2007

    Sunday, 18 November 2007


    There is something very satisfying about a bibliography. I love looking through them and adding more to my 'must get hold of' list.

    I have now revised my 'On Dooyeweerd' bibliography. It was originally here - it's now available as a pdf from AoLR here and I have also put in on the reformational wiki here. The idea of putting it the wiki is so that it can become a collaborative project. Please do add any materials that I have omitted (or indeed make any corrections - there are no doubt many typos that need correcting!).

    I'm also working on a Bernard Zylstra and a B J (Bennie) van der Walt bibliography. The van der Walt bibliography will slowly be appearing here.

    Also Bruce Wearne is working on an annotated bibliography of Bob Goudzwaard - more details to follow!

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    Friday, 16 November 2007

    Odds and sods

    Stop death by PowerPoint

    The Leviticus alphabet:

    Offerings: 1-7
    1 - A - Ascending up to God offering
    2 - B - Bow to God in tribute offering
    3 - C - Come and eat in peace offering
    4 - D - Danger over in sin offering
    5 - E - Ending guilt in trespass offering
    6 - F - Further detailed rules for offerings
    7 - G - Going on with rules for offerings

    Priesthood: 8-10
    8 - H - How to become a priest
    9 - I - Inaugurate the tabernacle system
    10 - J - Judgment on Aaron’s sons

    Clean and unclean: 11-16
    11 - K - Kosher food
    12 - L - Little ‘uns – cleaning up after them
    13 - M - Mouldy bodies and clothes
    14 - N - New start from leprosy, but what about your house?
    15 - O - Outflows and overflows
    16 - P - Purification Day
    Become a holy nation: 17-27
    17 - Q - Quit remote sacrifices and don’t eat blood
    18 - R - Ruinous practices, forbidden sex
    19 - S - Special people, special life
    20 - T - Taking chapter 18 further
    21 - U - Unclean priestly actions, unfit priestly bodies
    22 - V - Valid holy eating, void animal offering
    23 - W - Wahay! Festivals!
    24 - X - Execute blasphemer (+ lamp, bread, and eye for eye)
    25 - Y - Years – Sabbath and Jubilee
    26 - Z - Zones of blessing, zones of curse
    27 - Redemption of vows

    20 Books on Christ and culture - with some notable omissions! [HT Between two worlds]

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    Saturday, 10 November 2007

    Death to blog boredom?

    I've been "tagged" by Bob Robinson of Vanguard Church and friend of Kuyper, Bob was tagged by Scott Berkhimer at Theopraxis, who was tagged by, Michael Kruse, who was tagged by David Ker, who it seems originated the meme, of Lingamish.

    The "meme" is meant to discover "five little-known treasures of the blogosphere" in order to put to death our blog bore. I'm honoured to be described by Bob (or at least the meme) as a 'treasure'!

    Anyway here are my five 'little treasures' all of which deserve loads more readers:

    Gideon, David and Macht would also have had a mention - but they have enough readers as it is, they are hardly little known and they don't like memes!

    (Consider yourselves tagged guys! Why are they all guys? Perhaps we need another meme for female bloggers worth checking out!)

    I would also have nominated The Friend of Kuyper blog - but Bob has already done that. But seeing as he nominated one of his own blogs I'll also do that - H. Evan Runner blog: I've been transcribing some of his lectures - they are excellent stuff and deserve a wider audience.

    Theological Journal Libarary vols 1-10 announced

    For $400 dollars 500 years of theological journals can be yours. (I have mentioned the Theological Journal Library before - I'm still undecided to wait for Logos to get a Mac version or go for Accordance). The new 2 CD package contains volumes 1-10 with the following journals:
    • Ashland Theological Journal (Volumes 1-37)
    • Bibliotheca Sacra (Volumes 91-163)
    • Bible and Spade (Volumes 1-12, 1-13)
    • Chafer Theological Seminary Journal (Volumes 1-12)
    • Christian Apologetics Journal (Volumes 1-5)
    • Conservative Theological Journal (Volumes 1-10)
    • Conspectus (Volumes 1-3)
    • Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal (Volumes 1-11)
    • Emmaus Journal (Volumes 1-14)
    • Faith and Mission (Volumes 1-23)
    • Global Journal (Volumes 1-2)
    • Grace Journal (Volumes 1-14)
    • Grace Theological Journal (Volumes 1-12)
    • Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Volumes 1-11)
    • Journal of Christian Apologetics (Volumes 1-2)
    • Journal of Dispensational Theology (Volume 10)
    • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Volumes 9-49)
    • Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society (Volumes 1-19)
    • Journal of Ministry and Theology (Volumes 1-10)
    • Masters Seminary Journal (Volumes 1-15)
    • Michigan Theological Journal (Volumes 1-5)
    • Reformation and Revival (Volumes 1-13)
    • Reformed Baptist Theological Review (Volumes 1-3)
    • Review and Expositor (Volumes 70-103)
    • Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (Volumes 1-10)
    • Trinity Journal (Volumes 1-26)
    • Westminster Theological Journal (Volumes 1-68)
    There is an excellent deal for those that have any of the previous volumes:

    We are doing things a little differently than the past 4 years...Instead of having a separate Volume 10 CD, I decided to put all 10 volumes into one package.(we will no longer offer TJL 6, 7, 8 & 9 separately)
    And I've devised what I hope is an equitable way for everyone to get caught up.

    Here's the way the upgrade thing will work.The list price for the complete package is $400.Since there are 10 volumes in the package, that's $40 per volume.So, your cost of upgrading is $40 X the number of volumes you are behind.

    For example:you have TJL 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 - then your upgrade price is only $ have TJL 5, 6 and 7 - you pay $120 (for 8, 9 and 10 content)you have TJL 5 only - you pay $200 (for 6-10 content)

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    Sunday, 4 November 2007

    B J van der Walt on Vollenhoven

    I have uploaded the following paper by Bennie van der Walt to All of life redeemed:

    2006. The philosophy of D. H. Th. Vollenhoven (1892-1978), with special reference to his historiography of philosophy. Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap 42 (1-2): 35-39.

    It is an excellent and readable introduction to Vollenhoven's work. It includes - and clearly explains - this diagram:

    Annihilation again

    I have blogged before about annihilation here and here. Glenn Peoples, who blogs here, has posted his article on annihilation from JETS (June 2007) here together with a response from Petersen.

    Saturday, 3 November 2007

    Antony Flew

    Former atheist Antony Flew is interviewed by Benjamin Wiker here.

    Flew's book There is No A God is soon to be released.

    Here is Dawkin's take on Flew's conversion to a-atheism:

    And here is an interview with Flew in which he discusses some of the factors that made him reconsider his atheism:

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    Reading level?

    cash advance

    [HT Transformatum]

    Friday, 2 November 2007

    H G Stoker on Calvinistic philosophy

    Robert Bradshaw has put up a pdf of an article by the South African philosopher H G Stoker 'The possibility of a Calvinistic philosophy' Evangelical Quarterly 7 (1935): 17-23.

    AoLR: Cameron pages

    I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Alan Cameron pages on All of life redeemed. Alan is senior lecturer in commercial law at the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. His academic specialisation is reformational legal philosophy with a particular interest in the legal philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd. He is the editor of Herman Dooyeweerd, Encyclopedia of the Science of Law Volume 1: Introduction (Mellen Press, Series A, vol 8, 2002) and author of articles and papers on Dooyeweerd's jurisprudence.

    Thursday, 1 November 2007

    Urban saints training days

    One-day Training Conferences for all Christian youth and children’s leaders

    Young people dream.

    Caught up as consumers in a secular society poisoned by a toxic mix of materialism and greed they have few positive influences to help shape their dreams.

    That's where you come in...

    During the training conferences we will help you to:

    • Gain an insight into the forces that shapethe dreams and worldviews of our young people.
    • Discover how to help young people challenge the secular worldviews they pick up.
    • Be challenged to see how we can engage with the Bible in a fresh and exciting way.

    Be envisioned to help young people see how the story of God can help re-shape their dreams.

    Main speaker: We are delighted that Mark Roques (resident tutor at the West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies) is joining us at each venue.

    Mark is a writer and storyteller who has spent many years in education. For eleven years he taught Philosophy & Religious Studies at Prior Park College in Bath where he developed a unique Christian worldview course that combined film, music, story-telling and subversive role plays.

    Mark is the author of Curriculum Unmasked: Towards a Christian Understanding of education, The Good, The Bad and The Misled: True Stories Reflecting Different World Views for Use in Secondary Religious Education and Fields of God: Football and the Kingdom of God.


    These events are open to anyone aged 16 or over who works with any age group from 8 upwards.

    Registered Energize groups receive three free places as part of their subscription, and thereafter the cost is £10 per person. All other leaders pay £15. The fee includes light refreshments throughout the day and a comprehensive workbook.

    Each training conference will run from 10:00am to 4:30pm.

    Our venues are carefully chosen churches and Christian centres with good conference facilities, easy access from major routes and parking on-site or very close by. Venue details will be sent with each booking confirmation, and are also available on request.

    A wide range of books, videos and other resources for youth and children’s leaders will be on sale at each venue, many at heavily discounted prices.

    Refreshments will be provided free throughout the day, but you will need to bring a packed lunch.

    Dates and venues for Autumn 2007:

    Nov 3 - Belfast
    Nov 10 - Colwyn Bay
    Nov 17 - Cardiff
    Nov 24 - Bristol

    Booking information:

    Please click HERE to download a Booking Form in PDF format

    Please click HERE to download a brochure in PDF format (1 MB)