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Saturday, 22 December 2007

(Re)thinking worldview by J Mark Bertrand (ch 1)

I nearly didn't get this book - oh no I thought another book on worlview. I'm glad that I did. At least as far as the first chapter is concerned - that's as far as I've got. (I only got it today.) What Wolters, and Walsh and Midelton were to the nineties,* I'm sure Bertrand will be to the noughties.

Although it is another book on worldview it is much more than that - it will be great for all those suffering 'worldview fatigue'. Bertrand writes not as an academic but as an artist. He has a way with words and images.

The first chapter is replete with the old images of worldview, a pair of spectacles, a map and so on and yet Bertrand breathes new life into these metaphors and brings out fresh nuances. One that struck a chord with me was that the spectacles are not sun glasses but prescription lenses:

The task of a worldview is to see the world as it is, to correct your vision, The test of a good worldview will be whether it brings reality into sharp focus or leaves things blurry. (p. 27)
He sees worldviews as being not only propositions and perspectives but also as stories. This theme will be developed no doubt in subsequent chapters.

J Mark Bertrand blogs here and has a blog on the book here - check it out.

* Surprisingly both these books are omitted from the index! Though Kuyper and Schaeffer references are there in force!

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