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Sunday, 30 December 2007

(Re)thinking worldview 8

The final chapter of part 2 is ‘Learning to read’. By this Bertrand means reading to read critically. He cites two common errors in reading; we are largely undiscriminating and undemanding in what we do read. Though he argues that critical reading does not necessarily mean sucking the joy form life. It actually enhances our enjoyment of reading. Though it may mean that we find ‘that some fare is no loner palatable’. Critical reading means that we need to discern the author’s worldview and be aware of any worldview manipulation that the author is engage in. These worldviews can exert a negative impact upon us if we are unaware of them but if there presence is discerned ‘the treat is largely neutralized’ (p. 173)

He draws upon the advice of Leyland Ryken in Windows to the World and applies Ryken’s points to a brief analysis of Jude the Obscure and London’s Cry of the Wild two books where the authors’ worldviews are easily discerned. It would have been good to have these points applied to a text with less obvious worldview overtones.

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