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Sunday, 9 December 2007

From Noyon to Geneva by B J van der Walt

From Noyon to Geneva: A Pilgrimage in the Steps of John Calvin (1509-1564)
Dr B J van der Walt
Potchesfstroom University for CHE: Potchesfstroom, 1979
Series F: Institute for the Advancement of Calvinism (F2, No 10)
ISBN 086990 482 5

The South African scholar Bennie van der Walt has produced an original and fascinating study on Calvin. It is a photo history and tour guide. He has followed in the footsteps of Calvin and along the way he has written this short (71 pp) but marvellous tour guide, complete with 66 photographs.

He traces Calvin from his birth place in Noyon to his time as a student in Paris, his days as a fugitive in the south of France and then on to Strasbourg and Geneva. Along the way we are also given a brief history of the Huguenot’s. Van der Walt’s writing is very clear and he has many suggestions for the would-be Christian tourist/ pilgrim. He identifies places that the heritage of Calvin still lives on and places where his influence has been all but lost. The 66 photographs serve to make this book a first-class tourist guide for the modern Reformed pilgrim.

Unfortunately, at present it is out of print. Details of other books by B J van der walt are available here.

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