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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Abraham Kuyper timeline 1 (1837-1878)

I'm on a Kuyper-fest at the moment. Reading a lot of stuff about Kuyper.
To help me get a handle on his life I started to produce a timeline. I've posted the first part below (1837-1878). This is very much a first draft. I'll update it as I read more materials. Feel free to add or correct anything in the comments.

[Updated with added links of online books and articles 17/08/11]
[Updated with links to images on]

1837     Born 29 October in Maassluis, Holland

Kuyper's parents Henriett Huber (1802-81) and Jan Fredrik Kuyper (1801-81)

1841     Moves with family to Middelburg in the province of Zeeland, where father is a minister

1849     Studied at the 'gymnasium' in Leiden, where father moved to be a minister

1855     Enrolled at Leiden University to study Literature
             Worked on a Calvin - a Lasco treatise which becomes part of his doctorat
             The 'miracle of the Lascania' 

1858     November Enrolled in theology at Leiden to train for the church ministry

1860     Commentatio describes Calvin’s and a Lasco’s concepts of the church 
             Niet de Vrijheidsboom maar het kruis  [Not the liberty tree but the cross]

1862     Reads the Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge during a nervous breakdown
             Admitted to the candidacy for the State Church
             Disquisitio historico-theologica: exhibens Joannis Calvini et Joannis à Lasco de ecclesia sententiarum inter se compositionem 

1863     Received DTh degree from University of Leiden. Supervised by Dr Scholten
             Marries Johanna Hendrika Schaay
             Takes up role as minister in DRC in Beesd - his inaugural sermon was on 1 Jn 1:7

                Meets Pietronella Baltus one of the Reformed 'pious malcontents' at Beesd
Pietje Baltus (1830-1914)

1864     Begins corresponding with Guillame Groen van Prinsterer (1810-76)
             Article 23 - Kuper’s response is published

1866     Published the works of à Lasco in Latin – with a 121 page introduction

1867     Moves to Utrecht to become pastor at the Domek
             Active in church government reform
             De menschwording Gods het levensbeginsel der kerk.
             Wat moeten wij doen: het stemrecht aan ons zelven houden of den kerkeraad machtigen? [What must we do? - addresses the question of democracy in the church]

1868     Writes brochure on Church Visiting: Kerkvisitatie te Utrecht in 1868
             Toelichting der memorie ingediend door den algemeenen kerkeraad van Utrecht ann het classicaal bestuur van Utrecht den 21 September 1868 

1869     Meets Van Prinsterer become friends and co-workers
             Starts writing articles for De Heraut
             De Nuts Beweging 
             Het beroep op het volksgewetern - speech to Christelijk Nationaal-Schoolonderwijs at Utrecht
             De kerkelijke goederen [The church property]
             De werking van artikel 23 [The effect of Article 23]
             Eenvormigheid, de vloek van het moderne leven ["Uniformity: the curse of modern life" [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 19ff]
             Vrijmaking der kerk [Liberalisation of the church]
             Zestal leerredenen [Six sermons]
1870     Moved to Amsterdam to be the pastor at Hervormde Kerk
             First sermon is ‘Rooted and grounded: the Church as organism and as institution’(in Dutch here)
             Conservatisme en orthodoxie - farewell speech at Utrecht cathedral [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 65ff]

             Struggles with the liberals in the Dutch Reformed Church
             Becomes editor in chief of the De Heraut after Dr C. Schwartz’s death
             Van Prinster breaks with the Conservatives to work with Kuyper
             De Schrift: het woord Gods [Scripture the word of God]
             De strijd over het Vrije Beheer te Sneek [The battle over free management in Sneek]
             De leer der onsterfelijkheid en de staatsschool [The doctrine of immortality and the stae school]
             De Hollandsche gemeente te London in 1570-71  [The Dutch church in London 1570-71]

1871     Delivers lecture ‘Modernism, a Fata Morgana in the Christian World' (in Dutch here) [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 87ff]
             Een perel in verkeerde schelp
             O, God! wees mij zondaar genadig!
             Tweede zestal leerredenen

1872    Given a house at 183 De Prins Hendrikkade as a birthday gift.
             Produces De Standaard as a daily newspaper – with 'For a free church and a free school in a free land’ in its masthead.           
             Cathechism classes for orphans in his home
             De Bartholomeusnacht [St Bartholomew]
             Het vergrijp der zeventien ouderlingen [The offence of the 17 elders]

1873    Stands for election for the constituency of Gouda
             Publishes ‘Confidentially’ [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 45ff]
             Lecture at Utrecht ‘Calvinism the origin and guarantee of our consitutional liberties: a Netherlands reflection’ – in print 1894.
             Eenheid rede, ter bevestiging van Ds. P. van Son, gehouden 31 Augustus 1873 in de Nieuwe Kerk te Amsterdam
             Vrijheid. Rede. Ter bevestigin van Dr. Ph. S. van Ronkel, gehouden den 23 Maart 1873, in de nieuwe kerk
             Ons huis - sermon in the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam
             Uit het Woord - Bible studies/ meditations

1874     Leaves pastorate to enter politics as member of the ARP won an interim election in Gouda district.
              Het Calvinisme: oorsprong en waarborg onzer constitutineele vrijheden. Een nederlandsche gedachte [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 279 ff]
             Grieven tegen de schoolwet en het geheim verraden

1875    Dr Gunning proposes the idea for a Christian University
             Travels to Brighton, England to hear D. L. Moody invited by Robert Pearsall Smith
             Series of articles on fasting
             De Scherpe Resolutie en het decretum horribile
             Het redmiddel
             De schoolkwestie [The school issue]
             De schoolwet voor de vierschaar van Europa [Education for the tribunal of Europe]]

1876     Complete nervous exhaustion
             Travels to convalesce in southern Europe
             Enjoys Alpine mountain climbing
             Van Prinsterer dies

1877-8  Writes ‘Our Program’ outlining the political ideals of the ARP as a series of articles in De Standaard

1877     Resigns seat in parliament
             De Heraut relaunched
             Begins sereis of articles on perfectionism

1878     Association for Higher Education on the Basis of Reformed Principles founded
             Petition to king not to sign Kappeyne’s education bill
             Liberalisten en Joden 


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