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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Abraham Kuyper timeline 2 (1879-1901)

This is the second part of a timeline/ chronology of Abraham Kuyper. Please let me know of any corrections/ additions etc.

1879    Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) becomes first national party under Kuyper
            Accepts seat in second chamber has to resign as a minister of the church
            'Our Program’ for the ARP is published
            Revisie der revisie-legende
            De leidsche Professoren en de Executeurs der Dordtsche Nalatenschap
            Twaalftal leerredenen (eerste en tweede zestal) [Dozen sermons]
            "perfectionism" [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 141ff]

1880    The Free University (VU) opens
            Family moves back to Amsterdam from The Hague
            Princess Wilhelmina reachers majority age and becomes queen
            "Strikt genomen" [Strictly speaking]
            Bede om een dubbel "Corrigendum," aan A.W. Bronsveld [Petition for double corrigendum to Bronsveld]
            "The antithesis between symbolism and meaning"
            Inaugural preached: ‘Sovereignty in the individual sphere’[In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 461ff]

1880-1901 Professor at the Free University

1881    VU has 5 professors and 5 students
            Serves as the first Rector of the VU
            Kuyper's mother and father die

1882    Mother and father die
            Appointed as an elder by the Electoral commission of the State church

1883    Starts writing a series on the Holy Spirit for De Heraut
             Publishes a monograph/tract on Reformation of the Churches


1885    Writes brochure ‘The threatening conflict’

1886    Withdraws from the National Church and forms Doleantie (grieving ones)
            "It shall not be so among you" [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 125ff]
            "The conflict has come" - three pamphlets

1887    Serves as Rector to VU for the second time preached on 'Calvinism and art'


1889    600 ARP delegates meet in 10th convention - Kuyper delivers ‘Not the liberty tree but the cross’
            "Manual labour" [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 231ff]

1890    King William III dies

1891    Wrote ‘Calvinism and confessional revision’ in response to a proposal to revise the Westminster Standards
            At ARP convention delivers speech on ‘Maranatha’ [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 205ff]
            Presids over a provisional Synod for the Doleantie in The Hague
            Delivers opening address at First Christian Social Congress - this becomes The Problem of Poverty
            Voor een distel een mirt 
            Student notes of Kuyper's lectures in dogmatics 

1892   Kuypers' nine-year-old son dies
           Reformed Church in Netherlands formed from Doleantie and Christian Reformed Church (of 1834 succession)
            Delivers lecture on panthesism ‘The destruction of the boundaries’ at VU [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 363 ff]

1893    Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology published
            E Voto Dordraceno a series of articles from De Heraut on the Heidelberg Cathechism is published
            In de Schaduwe des Doods

1894    Re-elected to House of Representatives for Sliedrect constituency
            Concentrates on suffrage, labour and foreign affairs
            Begins sereis on 'the angels of God' in Heraut
           Encyclopædie der Heilige Godgeleerdheid

1895    Begins a series on common grace in De Heraut - completed in 1901
            De Christus en de sociale nooden en democratische klippen
            Proeve van pensioenregeling voor werklieden en huns gelijken

1896    Biblia published - a transation of the Bible in Dutch with Bavinck and F. L. Rutgers

1897    Re-elected to parliament
            De Drie Formulieren van Eenigheid
            Openingswoord ter deputatenvergadering
1898    Becomes chair of the Dutch Circle of Journalism
            Serves as rector to the VU for the fourth time
            Invited by B. B. Warfield to USA. Gives the Stone Lectures at Princeton Seminary: Calvinism
            The full itinerary is given in John Bolt A Free Church, A Holy Nation Appendix B (20 Aug departs from Liverpool 27 Aug arrives, 10 Dec departs, 31 Dec arrives at Amsterdam)
            Honorary Doctorate in Law from Princeton
            Van het kerkelijk ambt  

1899    Kuyper's wife dies

Kuyper and his wife

            Moves from Prins Hendrikkade house to 164 De Keizersgracht next to the VU
            First peace conference
            Start of the Boer War
            Article on the South African crisis published in Revue des deux Mondes
            Evolutie - lecture delivered at VU [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 403 ff]
            Band aan het woord
            Amendement-Kuyper op de Ongevallenwet 
           Varia Americana 
           Als gij in uw huis zit 

1900   The South-African Crisis - published by Stop the War Committee in London [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 323ff]
           The Work of the Holy Spirit published in English translated by B. B. Warfield
           To Be Nearer unto God - a series of devotions published
           De Englen Gods (The angels of God) published

1901    Re-elected and becomes primeminster and Minister for Home Affairs

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