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Sunday, 16 September 2007

To Logos or to Accordance? That is the question

Phil Gons recommends the Theological Journal Library. My one regret in switching from a PC to a mac is that I can't read my Thological library CD - it is a truly excellent resource.

I am in a quandry: do I get Accordance or wait until Logos is Mac compatible and hope that the resources I already have for Logos will then run on my Mac? Or do I get parallels and run Logos that way? Trouble is none of the solutions are exactly cheap!

Any advice anyone?

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paul bowman said...

There's also Fusion. I don't know how this compares with Parallels, but it may be worth a look. (My own Mac isn't Intel-based, so I don't yet have cause to be all that well informed about these things.)

Curious to see what solution(s) you'll pursue.

cozart said...

i use parallels and bibleworks. i LOVE bibleworks and find it to be much more user-friendly than either accordance or logos (it's also MUCH cheaper than logos).

if you only need to run one windows program, though, take a look at crossover ( it's cheaper than parallels and you don't have to install windows.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice - I wasn't aware of either fusion or crossover, so they are certainly worth me checking out.

R. Mansfield said...


At the moment, I have am using a both/and solution for the TLJ. I have vols. 1-6 in Accordance and vols. 7 & 8 that I run in Libronix via Parallels for the Mac.

To be honest, I try to avoid having to run the Libronix version because it's much slower (don't know whether that's Parallels or Libronix itself) than Accordance. Plus, in my opinion, the Libronix interface is clunky compared to Accordance.

Oak Tree has promised to develop other TLJ volumes as soon as the TLJ reaches vol. 10 (they're at vol. 9 now) so they can sell them in larger packages at discounts for the consumer. When that day comes, I will sell my Libronix versions on eBay as quickly as I can create a post.

Since you're a Mac user now, I can't recommend Accordance strongly enough. Your Mac is not complete without it.