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Sunday, 15 January 2006

More philosophy blogs

Want to find a philosophy blog? Try the EpistemeLinks database here. It has almost links to nearly 100 philosophy-related blogs using filters. The filters include; title, author and topic.

A search for 'Philosophy of Religion' blogs yields:

A search for 'Philosophy of Science' has:
Obscure and Confused Ideas
Philosophy of Biology
Studi Galileiani

A search for blogs by 'Philosophy Departments' gives:
Daily Phil
Desert Landscapes
Fake Barn Country (the link provided for this is old it's now here)
Orange Philosophy
Saint Lawrence Philosophy Blog
Show-Me the Argument
The Web of Belief
This Is Not The Name Of This Blog (this is not there anymore)
UCSB Philosophy Blog
Undetached Rabbit Parts (this blog finished in Dec 2005)
and last but not least a blog from my old University:
University of East Anglia Philosophy
which has moved to here.

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hi steve i have seen your blog me too doin in the same blog if ur intrested plz have a look at that and share your openion