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Thursday, 19 January 2006

Jim Skillen interview

An interview by Bruce Wearne with Jim Skillen has been put on the All of Life Redeemed website. It was first published in the Fiji Daily Post.

Jim is the president of the Center for Public Justice and is author of numerous books on politics, including:
Articles on-line by Jim include:
MP3 interview


In the comments Gregory notes that an article by Skillen on Kuper is available on his Kuyperian site here.

Another article on same-sex marriages is here.

And there is another interview here.

On Iraq and a just war here.

Christian politics in the 21st century

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Baus said...

New onsite article by Skillen on Kuyper and Politics at The Kuyperian

It is a slight edit of the pdf about the Kuyper Lecture series midway down the page here:

Steve Bishop said...

Excellent! Thanks Gregory.