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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Corey Willson's PhD Shaping the Lenses on Everyday Work

Cory Willson's PhD has now been published online:
Shaping the Lenses on Everyday Work: A Neo-Calvinist Understanding of the Poetics of Work and Vocational Discipleship
In order to take the theology of work conversation forward, “Shaping the Lenses on Everyday Work: A Neo-Calvinist Understanding of the Poetics of Work and Vocational Discipleship” uses an interdisciplinary methodology that incorporates methods from qualitative research to explore the lived realities of contemporary Christians in their work and church contexts. The first third of the dissertation provides an historical analysis of the early theologies of work written by Pope Leo XIII and Herman Bavinck as well as critical reflection on the leading contemporary theologies of work. These historical and literary analyses outline the necessary methodological and theological issues that must be addressed in a theology of work for the Twenty-First Century. The guiding theological framework of human work is a biblical theology of the missio Dei, the mission of God. This theological framework used to interpret the ethnographic research conducted in three congregations. A concluding chapter draws several conclusions for constructing a theology of work for congregations as well as suggestions for how to cultivate a theological imagination for everyday work in Christians.

Chapter 1: Exploring Work Anew
Chapter 2: Historical Background: Herman Bavinck’s Engagement with the “Social Question”
Chapter 3: Overview of Contemporary Theologies of Work
Chapter 4: A Biblical and Theological Grounding of the Manifold Mission of the Triune God
Chapter 5: An Interdisciplinary Methodology for Cultural Hermeneutics
Chapter 6: A Theology of Work from the Road: Congregational Approaches to Vocational Discipleship
Chapter 7: A Theology and Spirituality of Work Fit for Our Times

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