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Monday, 20 January 2014

Jim Skillen's new book: The Good of Politics

The Good of Politics: A Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary Introduction
by James W. Skillen has just been announced by Baker Books and is due out in March.

It promises to be on of the best books of 2014. The contents look mouth-wateringly good:


Part 1: The Biblical Drama
1. God's Kingdom Coming
2. The Revealing Image
3. Citizenship in the Kingdom
Part 2: Key Historical Developments
4. Constantine, Augustine, and the Fraught Future of "Christian"
5. From Augustine to the Splintering of Christendom
6. Nations, States, and Protestant Reformers
7. From the Reformation to Contemporary Engagement
Part 3: Engaging Politics Today
8. Viewpoint as Standpoint: Where Do We Begin?
9. Engagement for What Kind of Political Community?
10. Citizenship as Vocation
11. Family, Marriage, and Education
12. Economics and the Environment
13. Politics in One World

1 comment:

Baus said...

Suppose he addresses the fundamental question about the legitimacy of states, viz., how a coercive monopoly, and thus aggression, are justified? :( Probably not.
Not to say it isn't a worthwhile book otherwise!