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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Covolo on Eglinton in Themelios

Robert Covolo reviews James Eglinton's Trinity and Organism in the latest edition of Themelios here.

He concludes:

It is difficult to overstate the importance of Eglinton’s work for Bavinck studies. This volume convincingly overturns a paradigm that has stymied the field, and it does so in a way that elucidates one of the most creative theological minds in the modern period. What’s more, it does this while simultaneously offering an incisive overview of Bavinck’s theology. This accomplishment is all the more valuable given Eglinton’s rejection of a reading of Bavinck that ignores the problematic or unresolved issues in Bavinck’s thought. The result is one of the best companions to Bavinck’s theology in the English language. Eglinton’s work leads the way for a new generation of Bavinck scholarship keen to advance Bavinck’s vision for a capaciously Reformed, trinitarian orthodoxy capable of speaking with both integrity and relevance to our modern world.

My visual summaries of Eglinton's excellent book are here.


Jake Belder said...

As great as it sounds, that is one expensive book. Afraid my book allowance is going to have to grow rather substantially to justify purchasing that.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi Jake,

It's much cheaper on the Kindle £16.47.



Jake Belder said...

Ah, good tip. Thanks, Steve.