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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Abraham Kuyper's family tree

Very little is mentioned about Kuyper's family in the biographies that exist. This is what I've gleaned regarding Kuyper's family:

If you know more please let me know.
(Updated 18 Feb 2012)


Anonymous said...

My father's partner in the 1930's Dutch Institute for Worker Education, was named Rudolf Kuyper (died 1943, professor of sociology at Utrecht University). I wonder if Rudolf was related to Abraham in any way?


Jacob L. Mey, III
son of Jacob Louis Mey, II (1900-1966)

H. Muytjens said...

Please note that the family tree is not very clear.

I can present some additional information about the oldest daughter of Guillaume Kuyper and Henriette Storm van Leeuwen if you like.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi H. Muytjens

Thanks for your comment - if you click on the image it should be larger and hopefully a little more clear.

Please do let me know what info you have on the eldest daughter - e-mail me if that's more convenient at (replace the at with @ and no gaps)


Steve Bishop said...

Hi Jacob - unfortunately, I have no information regarding Rudolf Kuyper - sorry.

Peter Kuyper said...

As a greatgrandson of Abraham I have a complete and detailed familytree since 1705 up to today.
I found this blog by accident resaerching Johanna Schaaij. Maybe we should keep in contact.