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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Science textbook critiques

Some years ago I did some work on critiquing science textbooks from a Christian perspective.

Here are two of them. The first is on two Accelerated Christian Education modules. I don't know if they have changed in the intervening years, so the critique may or may not still be valid. The other is on Science in Process - this textbook was a bit of a flash in the pan - when the emphasis was on doing science.

(The views represent my thoughts in 1994 - not necessarily now.) 

Review of Accelerated Christian Education science booklet

Review of Science in Process UK Science textbook


Anonymous said...

In the case of the ACE materials, they are still accurate. The (third edition) PACEs you reviewed are in print for the time being. Fourth edition PACEs are in the process of being produced, but they won't be out in the higher levels for a while.

Good reviews. In my view, you didn't go far enough criticising ACE; it's a desperately flawed system.

Steve Bishop said...

Thanks for dropping by! I wholly agree for what I've seen they are deeply flawed.