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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Al Wolters on allofliferedeemed

I've recently added to the Al Wolters pages at allofliferedeemed the following papers:

1989. “On the Idea of Worldview and Its Relation to Philosophy,” in Paul A. Marshall, et al., eds., Stained Glass: Worldview and Social Science (Lanham MD: University Press of America, 1989), 14-25

1987. “Worldview and Textual Criticism in 2 Peter 3:10,” Westminster Theological Journal 49 (1987) 405-413.

1985. “The Intellectual Milieu of Herman Dooyeweerd,” in C.T. McIntire, ed., The Legacy of Herman Dooyeweerd (New York: University Press of America, 1985) 1-19

1983. “Dutch Neo-Calvinism: Worldview, Philosophy and Rationality,” in H. Hart et al., eds., Rationality in the Calvinian Tradition (Lanham MD: University Press of America, 1983) 113-131

1978/ 1999 “The Foundational Command: ‘Subdue the Earth!’” in Year of Jubilee, Cultural Mandate, Worldview (Study Pamphlet No. 382; ed. B. van der Walt; Potchefstroom: Institute for Reformational Studies, 1999) 27-34. [Previously available as ICS Academic Paper, 1978.]

1975/ 1987. "Ideas have legs" The Guide July. Also in A Christian Union in Labour's Wasteland, edited by Edward Vanderkloet
(Wedge Publishing, 1978). Republished by Institute for Christian Studies, 1987

Vanguard articles:

1979. Breaking out of the evangelical world-view: a review of John Stott's latest work'

'Hallowed be thy creation'

1980. 'The centre and the circumference'

Anakainosis articles:

1978. In memoriam: Vollenhoven

1979. Vollenhoven on the 'word of God'

1983. 'Ground motives'

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