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Monday, 16 February 2009

Popma's Battle for Righteousness

I'm pleased to announce the addition of K J Popma's excellent book The Battle for Righteousness: The Message of the Book of Job (translated by Jack Van Meggelen) is now on-line on the Popma pages at allofliferedeemed.

My thanks to Jack Van Meggelen for making this available.

Klaas Jan Popma was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 1903. He studied classical languages and received his doctorate in this field at the University of Leiden in 1931. From 1928 to 1955 he taught classical languages in a Gymnasium or classical high school, but this was combined in 1948 with an academic appointment in philosophy. At first in a part-time capacity but later full-time, he occupied the chair for Christian reformational philosophy at the universities of Groningen and Utrecht, from which he retired in 1973. He was a prolific writer; publishing not only in his primary fields of classics and philosophy, but also in theology and literary studies. His most extensive publication is the seven-volume work entitled Levensbeschouwing, a series of philosophical and theological reflections in the form of a commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism. One of his greatest loves was the study and exposition of Scripture, which led to a wide range of popular and semi-popular publications. His study of the biblical writings was grounded in a solid knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, and was informed by a comprehensive grasp of Western intellectual and cultural history. His writings on the Bible are marked by exceptional originality, combined with a love for the reformed confessional tradition. He died in 1986.
Al Wolters from The Battle for Righteousness

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