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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Theo Plantinga - articles on-line

Calvin College have a number of articles by Theo Plantinga on-line:


All Men are Brothers? A Chilling Prospect
Anti-Americanism and Canadian Identity
Assigning Blame in History: The Case of the Holocaust
Birkerts and the Decline of Reading
Bless You: Reflections on Benevolance and Benedictions
Christianity and Visualism
Commemorating Schilder: Have We Learned Anything Yet?
Creation and Novelty
Difference, Modesty, and Sexuality
Farewell to the Rickshaw: Reflections on Autonomy and Automobiles
Giving God a Helping Hand -- and All the Glory, Too
He Who Has an Ear: Reflections on Lecturing to the Impaired
Hot Button Ethics: Reflections on Harassment, Imposition, and Autonomy
Insurance Insurance: A Cartesian Dilemma
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Just Say No: Reflections on a Referendum
Making Room for Ahimsa
Marriage as an Honorific Estate
Mission Accomplished? Some Dangers in Past-Participle Thinking
Narrative Reticence: The Case of Henry Stob
Never Say No: Reinventing Life from a Wheelchair
New Age Thinking and Worldview Attribution
Not Nobody: A Brand-Name Approach to Identity
Please Contact Myself
Pluralism in Education and Health Care: Are There Limits to Open Mindedness?
Protestantism and Progress
Punishment as Public Spectacle
Raw Facts and Wilted Knowledge: An Essay in Practical Epistemology
Redeemer's Charter Change: Why Did It Take So Long?
Subscribers Needed
Taking and Giving Credit
The Inscrutable God and His Detailed Law
The Real Meaning of Kant
The Scoffer and the Believer: Toward a Christian Philosophy of Food Selection
The Truth about the Truth: Reflections on Denominational Exclusivism
There Shall be One Law
What My Hands Have Done: Reflections on Agency
Whatever Happened to Samizdat?
When the Robots Rule
Where Would We Be Without Punishment?
Who Cares? Am I My Brother's Keeper?
Why Dundas Matters
Will the Boys Become Men?

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