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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Rowan Wiliams on Dawkins

The Telegraph has a piece on Rowan Williams' take on Dawkins:

Dr Rowan Williams responded to critics of religion by arguing that atheists had missed the point and failed to understand what Christians really believe in.
In a fierce attack on the Oxford professor and other leading atheists, he said: "There are specific areas of mismatch between what Richard Dawkins may write about and what religious people think they are doing."

He added: "There are few things more annoying than people saying 'I know what you mean'." Dr Williams described Prof Dawkins as a "lively and attractive writer" but said his arguments were not fully engaging with religion.

He suggested that Prof Dawkins, the author of the best-selling The God Delusion and a leading Darwinist, was a good scientist but a poor philosopher.

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Shushan said...

Its a fairly good article, aside from an illogical determination to give the snide Dawkins the last word.

Would have liked more detail instead on how Dr Williams felt our faith was being misrepresented by critics in their attacks. (Why didn't he just point out this was a 'straw man' tactic/fallacy?)


Educator-To-Be said...

Has anyone actually read the Dawkins book? It is nothing more than a poorly-written sequence of cliches, ill-thought, ill-arranged, too obviously driven by a personal agenda. I am amazed that anyone could possibly take it seriously. Amy