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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Odds and sods has an excellent list of web annotation tools

Lifehack lists the 15 coolest firefox tricks ever

Lifehacker explains how to create web buttons and a list of the top 10 Mac utilities

Nigel Warburton reads his chapter on Plato's Republic from his book Philosophy: The Classics

I've mentioned mindmapping before - but here's a new twist on it at mindmeister [HT Lifehacker]

Toodledo is a web-based to do list, but it now offers a printable booklet version utilising similar technology to the excellent pocketmod. [HT lifehacker]


Argey said...

You've mentioned Mindomo and MindMeister, but there's also and


Steve Bishop said...

Thanks Argey, I'll check them out.