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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Odds and sods

In July 2009 it's Jean Calvin's 500th birthday. The details for a quincentenary conference are here [HT Between two worlds]

More background on the recently deceased Herman Ridderbos are here, courtesy of [HT Between two worlds]

Douglas Groothius has some tips on reading at his Constructive Curmudgeon blog. If I took seriously his point 12 I'd need a warehouse and be very poor!

Emma Darwin, Charles Darwin's wife, has her diaries online.

Free textbooks online from Freeload Press - but with adverts. [HT Google operating system]

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Macht said...

I'd change 12 to "When in doubt, see if the local library has it first."

Steve Bishop said...

Yes - an excellent point. I often use interlibrary loans in England they can usually get me most books for about £1.50.