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Monday, 12 February 2007

Believing scripture but playing by science's rules

The New York Times has an article on Marcus Ross who has just obtained a doctioarte from the University of Rhode Island and is a young earth creationist.

For him, Dr. Ross said, the methods and theories of paleontology are one “paradigm” for studying the past, and Scripture is another. In the paleontological paradigm, he said, the dates in his dissertation are entirely appropriate. The fact that as a young earth creationist he has a different view just means, he said, “that I am separating the different paradigms.”

The website poses an interesting question: 'Can a scientist produce intellectually honest work that contradicts deeply held religious beliefs?' Comments are here
[HT Faith-Science News]

Uncommon Descent comments:

For the pro-ID and creationist students out there, Ross shows how to make it through a Darwinist controlled secular institution. Ross was never deceptive about his beliefs, yet demonstrated he could accept Old Earth Darwinism as a working but falsifiable hypothesis. One has a better chance of overturning prevailing paradigms when one is well-versed in it. Accepting a wrong theory as a working hypothesis is no more a profession of faith than accepting the wrong idea that the square root of two is rational in order to prove it is irrational.

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Celal Birader said...

Hello Steve,

Why would, for instance, a Reformed Christian do a PhD on the prophethood of Joseph Smith at somewhere like Brigham Young University ? What would be the point ?

In fact, there is the danger he might end up believing the lie.

Doesn't the same principle apply to this Darwinistic religion?