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Monday, 28 August 2006

In the Twilight of Western Thought

I have recently updated my blog/study guide on Dooyeweerd's In the Twilight of Western Thought - chapter 8 'What is man [sic]?' is now up.

I have also put on All of life Redeemed Paul Otto's paper on the different versions of Twilight as a pdf:
Paul Otto 'In the twilight of Dooyeweerd's corpus: the publishing history of In the Twilight of Western Thought and the future of Dooyeweerd studies' Philosophia Reformata 70 (2005) 23-40.
Also, Gregory Baus has made available here two audio lectures by Henk Geertsema, he discusses some of the issues that arise out of the first two chapters of Twilight


John Dekker said...

It's been sitting unread on my shelf for a while now. Maybe next summer. I've just transferred it to the "Read very soon" shelf.

Why the "sic"? Because it's not "human beings"?

Steve Bishop said...

Hi John,

It would be well worth pulling down off your shelf - though it's not an easy read.

Yes, the sic is because of the non-inclusive language - we can hardly blame Dooyeweerd though, he was writing a few decades ago.