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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Schuurman pages

Egbert Schuurman, now has his own Schuurman pages as part of the All of life redeemed website. I have put up two of his papers on a Christian approach to technology:

as well as links to other on-line papers.

Professor Schuurman (1937 - ) is a professor of Reformational
philosophy at the Universities of Delft and Eindhoven and at the
Agricultural University of Waneningen in the Netherlands. He is also a
member of the Senate of the Dutch parliament. He studied under
Dooyeweerd and Van Riessen at the Free University in Amsterdam.

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