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Thursday, 6 April 2006

E L Hebden Taylor

Revd Eustace (aka Stacey) Lovatt Hebden Taylor is an Reformational Anglican vicar (b 1925 in Katanga, Belgium Congo - the son of missionary parents). He has served in the Royal Navy and as a missionary in Alaska. He has been the rector of St Matthews, Montreal, Holy Trinity, Langley, UK and Greengates, Bradford, UK. He became the professor of History and Sociology at Dordt College. There he was described as:

One of the most colorful and eccentric professors in the history of Dordt College was Dr. E. L. Hebden Taylor. While he brilliantly developed a Reformed perspective in his unique brand of course materials, he was about as approachable as a prickly pear cactus. He was not distant in a negative way; it was just that his commitment to scholarship left little time or interest for interpersonal relationships with students.
He is the author of:
  • The New Legality: In the Light of the Christian Philosophy of Law (Craig Press/ P&R, 1967) available here as a pdf.
  • Evolution and the Reformation of Biology (Craig Press, 1967) reviewed here.
  • The Christian Philosophy of Law, Politics, and the State (Craig Press, 1969)
  • The Reformational Understanding of Family and Marriage (Craig Press, 1970)
  • Reformation or Revolution (Craig Press, 1970)
  • The Origin and Nature of Modern Capitalism (Christian Studies Center, 1975)
  • Economics, Money and Banking (Craig Press, 1978)

  • The Reformation and the development of modern science Churchman vol 82 (2) (1968): 87-103.
  • 'The death of the Lord' an interpretation His Dominion (Bracebridge, Ont.: The Society of St John The Evangelist) 1 May 1961.
  • The state of British Christianity today Pro Rege June (1974) 17-22
Does anyone know anymore about Revd Hebden Taylor?


Patrick Poole said...


I own and have read H-T's The New Legality, Reformation or Revolution, and The Christian Philosophy of Law Politics and the State. I've found his work to be very helpful, as he is familiar with a wide body of material and thought. His first chapter in The Christian Philosophy dealing with Dooyeweerd's predecessors, Groen van Prinsterer and Kuyper, along with Groen and Burke's evaluation of the French Revolution in Chapter 5, are worth the price of the book. I have this volume and The New Legality scanned in as a PDF files if anyone is interested.

Here are a couple of articles of his that I have:

E.L. Hedben-Taylor, “Retribution, Responsibility and Freedom: The Fallacy of Modern Criminal Law from a Biblical-Christian Perspective,” Law and Contemporary Problems 44:2 (Spring 1981), pp. 51-82

E.L. Hebden-Taylor, “A Secular Revolution in Christian Disguise,” Canadian Bar Journal 1:4 (August 1958), pp. 41-46

Steve Bishop said...

Excellent - many thanks for this info Patrick.

Anonymous said...

I know lots about Stacy Taylor, he is my grandpa!
What do you want to know? He passed away in the fall of 2006.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for information on Steven Taylor, son of E. Hebdon Taylor. I was in elementary school with him back in Sioux Center Iowa. Spent many days at the Taylor house on 4th Ave.

Robert Ribbens

megtaylor said...

I am Steve Taylors oldest Daughter!!!! Meghan Taylor, What would you like to know Robert Ribbens?

Steve Bishop said...

Hi I am interested in finding out how Stacey Hebden Taylor first came across reformational philosophy

Anonymous said...

Steve Bishop, I am not sure about your question but I know someone who might have an answer for you.

~Grand daughter of E.L Hebden Taylor

John Francis Bosher said...

I knew Stacy Hebden Taylor very well in the time we were both living at Anglican Theological College at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Soon after we had both moved on he spent some time in a native community in the Yukon or Alaska. Somewhere I have a long letter he wrote to me describing a native Indian drunken parade, which amused him a great deal. A keen intellectual from Cambridge, he introduced me (then only 18) to many books I would not otherwise have known of. Sometime later, when I was in Ottawa, Stacey's sister visited me to inquire about him. She was anxious about him, I recall. About four years older than I was, he was most stimulating and intellectually entertaining. [ ]

Meghan Taylor said...


Could you please send me those articles you listed?

E.L. Hedben-Taylor, “Retribution, Responsibility and Freedom: The Fallacy of Modern Criminal Law from a Biblical-Christian Perspective,” Law and Contemporary Problems 44:2 (Spring 1981), pp. 51-82

E.L. Hebden-Taylor, “A Secular Revolution in Christian Disguise,” Canadian Bar Journal 1:4 (August 1958), pp. 41-46

I am his granddaughter. Thank you EMAIL:

Thank you.

Meghan Taylor said...

Dear Patrick,

Could you possibly send me the articles you listed above? Eustace Stacey Lovett Hebden Taylor is my grandfather and I am trying to hunt down and track all of his work.
If you could possibly send them to me I would appreciate it.

My email;

Meghan Taylor-Smart

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meghan for doing this - hope you keep them stored digitally. Steve Bishop, to gain clearer understanding consider his earlier influences Reading history in Cambridge, for his Bachelors. and political affiliations in light of political climate in Great Britain in the 1940's - 50's, (Pentecostal); and Canadian/US sentiments (Anglican, Church of England, Episcopalian) about capitalist/economic expansion and civil rights in the 1960's. He was always in the thick of it with politics, never a mundane, and tortured with a rare combination of African jungle and Yorkshire superstitions surrounding religious practices and taunts. Imagine living in a push me pull me brain with Dr. Dolittle. His early years were as the sole white boy in a huge range of tribal villages, his father deceased from malaria, with rare opportunities to coexist with elephants, crocodiles, lions, tigers and free range animals. Meghan knew him in his last years, retired in the USA. I am his surviving eldest child, and have good recall from earlier times. He and his wife, Gillian, a school teacher, made their first home in Teslin Lake, Yukon, not in Alaska. Many thanks to you Steve Bishop, Rev ELH would have been honoured with your interest. John Francis, where have you landed?

Jennifer Taylor,
B.A. MA., Education