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Saturday, 2 July 2005

Anthroposophy, Waldorf and Camphill again

I have recently been getting a number of hits from Waldof-critics list. Dan Duggan kindly posted a comment noting my piece on the anthroposophical worldview.

The Waldorf Critics list is part of PLANS. PLANS describe themselves as:

People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools (PLANS) is a world-wide network of former Waldorf parents, teachers, students, administrators and trustees who come from a variety of backgrounds with a common goal: to educate the public about the reality behind Waldorf's facade of progressive, arts-based education. Waldorf is the most visible activity of Anthroposophy, an occultist sect founded by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Together, we have performed exhaustive research on Waldorf schools and Anthroposophy, the esoteric, occult religion that both guides and inspires Waldorf teachers. PLANS affirms the right of all religious groups to practice and to teach their beliefs. But we expect those groups -- including Anthroposophy -- to tell the truth about their missionary efforts.

There are many resources posted there on Steiner and Waldorf education in particular.


Gideon Strauss said...

You're tagged.

888 said...

There is no connection between the Anthroposophical Society and the Waldorf movement. It has only been in recent years that some folk have registered the name "Waldorf". But it still remains, that in many parts anyone can start a Waldorf school. Consequently there is no standardisation or "quality control".