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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Abraham Kuyper timeline 3 (1901-1922)

1901    Becomes Dutch primeminister of a coalition government
            Moves to The Hague (5 De Kanaalstraat)
            At ARP national convention keynote speech on 'Perseverance in the pursuit of our ideal'
            Queen Wilhelmina marries the Duke Heinrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
            Drie kleine vossen [Three little foxes - the three are: intellectualism, mysticism and practicalism]
            Evolutionismus: das Dogma moderner Wissenschaft [German translation]
            Volharden bij het ideaal [Insisting on the Ideal - remarks at a meeting of the deputies]

1902    Queen Wilhemina becomes gravely ill
            Common grace [Parts in Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 165ff] [CG Translation project]
            In Jezus ontslapen: meditatien [Asleep in Jesus: a meditation]

1903    Country plagued by strikes
            Vier uwe vierdagen: meditatiën
            Albert Hahn produces 'Abraham de Geweldige' cartoon

1904    Russian-Japanese war begins
            'Common grace in science' [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 441ff]
            German translation of Lectures on Calvinism published translated by Martin Jaeger
            'The Biblical criticism of the present day' in Biblica Sacra

1905    Higher Education Law enacted
             Becomes part of the opposition
             Sociale hervormingen [Social reform - bills devised by Kuyper's party]
             Herman Bavinck delivers keynote speech to ARP convention 

1905-07 Grand tour of the Mediterranean

1906    Verplichte verzekering
            150th anniversary of poet Bilderdyk- interrupts tour to give speech
            Bilderdijk in zijne nationale beteekenis - speech in Amsterdam

1907    Re-elected Chair of the ARP
            Resumes editorship of De Heraut - begins series on Pro Rege
            Om de oude wereldzee [Around the Ancient World Sea] - contains 'Mystery of Islam' [translated by Jan Boer]

1908    Honorary title of Minister of State bestowed on Queen Wilhelmena's birthday
            Returns to the House of Representatives for Ommen district
            Awarded honorary doctorate by Delft Technological University
            'Our instinctive life' [In Bratt's Centennial Reader p. 255f]
            Nabij God te zijn 
            Zelfstandig gemeentewezen
            Parlementaire redevoeringen [Parliamentary speeches]
            Verjaardag-album met motto's uit de werken van Dr. A. Kuyper A retrospective of his career to mark the end of his work at the VU

1909    Wij, Calvinisten - opening remarks to ARP national convention (400th anniversary of birth of Calvin)
            Brings into politics Hendrik Colyn
            Receives honourary doctorate from the Catholic university of Louvain, belgium           
            Book of cartoons of Kuyper published

            Nadere verklaring
            De leer der Verbonden
            Voor den slag
            Practijk der Godzaligheid [Translated as Practice of Godliness]
            Heils termen
            Honig uit den rotssteen
            Dat de genade particulier is
            Het heil ons toekomende
            Het heil in ons
1911    Begins a series on the consummation in De Heraut - completed in 1918
            Pro Rege: of Het Koningschap van Christus - [contains You Can Do Greater Things than Christ translated by Jan Boer]
            Onze Eeredienst [Translated as Our Worship] - began as a series of articles in 1897

1912    Leaves politics due to ill health
            40th anniversary of De Standaard
            Een geloofsstuk - address to VU society in Haarlem
            Uit het diensthuis uitgeleid [Brought out of the house of bondage]- speech in Leeuwarden, Groningen and Rotterdam
            Zijn uitgang te Jerusalem - meditations on the suffering of our Lord
            In Jezus ontslapen [Asleep in Jesus]

1913    Elected to the First Chamber
            De meiborn in de kap - delivered to the meeting of the ARP deleates/ deputies
            Der Jongelingen sieraad is hun kracht - address given at the Jubilee of the Confederation of Reformed Young Men
             Heilige orde- speech to ARP in Amsterdam

1914-18 Sided with the Germans in WWI – an anti-British rather than a pro-German stance; he opposed the British ever since the Boer War

1914    De eereposite der vrouw [Women in the Bible - articles first appeared in the Amsterdam Church Messenger]
           A kálvinizmus lényege - in Hungarian translated by Czeglédi Sándor with introduction by Sebestyén Jenö

1915    Starrentritsen: Editio castigata
            Eudokia  - speech delivered to the Eudokia Institute in Rotterdam 

1916    2000th issue of De Heraut published (Kuyper wrote about 2000 meditations for it)
            De wortel in de dorre aarde - delivered to a meeting of the Deputies
            Antirevolutionaire staatkunde: met nadere toelichting op ons program - this was the last book he wrote
           The Evolution of the Use of the Bible in Europe in Centennial Pamphlets, No. 2. American Bible Society: New York, 1916

1917    Luther herdacht in 1917
            De positie van Nederland
            De 'kleyne luyden' - at meeting opening of the Deputies

1918    To Be Nearer Unto God published in English translated by J. H. De Vries.
            Wat nu? - at opening of the Deputies

1919   Deaths of Jan Woltjer and  F. L. Rutgers
           Resigns ARP leadership
           Revd W. F. A. Winckel's Leven Arbeid van Dr. Kuyper [Life and Work of Dr A. Kuyper] published

 1920    Dies in The Hague
             Buried in the cemetry Oud Eik en Duinen

Photograph by Andre van der Veenen

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