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Friday, 19 August 2011

Abraham Kuyper by Frank Vanden Berg

Abraham Kuyper: A Biography
Frank Vanden Berg
Paideia Press: St Catherines, Ontario, 1978
(Original edition Eerdmans, 1960)
ISBN 0-88815-015-6

This book does exactly what it says on the cover: its a biography of Abraham Kuyper.

Vanden Berg is a great admirer of Kuyper and this comes through in this workman like book. He covers the whole of Kuyper's career largely chronologically. The emphasis is very much on what Kuyper did and the motivations behind it. However, we find little of Kuyper the person and his family life. His wife and children get little mention.

Nevertheless, this is a great place to start to get to know Kuyper and his very many achievements.

There is an index but no bibliography. Though many of Kuyper's lecturers, articles and books are mentioned in the text, often with useful summaries.

Sadly the book is out of print - however, the good news is that it is available as a pdf here (11 MB)

Open Library book page


1.A Home by the Sea
2. Letters and Theology
3. Books and a Book
4. Village Clergyman
5. The Utrecht Pastorate
6. Minister of the Amsterdam Church
7. From Pulpit to Parliament
8. "Congressman" Kuyper
9. Dr. Kuyper Organizes His Forces
10. University Founder
11. University Professor and Builder
12.The Reformation of 1886 (I)
13. The Reformation of 1886 (II)
14.The Reformation of 1886 (III)
15. Political Leader
16. The Early Nineties
17. The Middle Nineties
18. The Later Nineties
19. Prime Minister (I)
20. Prime Minister (II)
21. Prime Minister (III)
22. At Home and Abroad
23. Elder Statesman
24. Eventide
25. The Last Year

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