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Saturday, 9 September 2006

Reformational publishing project

Kerry Hollingsworth has announced the The Reformational Publishing Project . Kerry writes:

The Project will parallel the work of the Dooyeweerd Translation Project  of the Dooyeweerd Centre by publishing a select number of key works of the colleagues and students of Dooyeweerd rather than the actual writings of Dooyeweerd himself. The criteria for selection of titles is that the work in question demonstrate a clear utilization of the systematics of the Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea.

Published works will bear the imprint of Paideia Press which the Reformational Publishing Project has reactivated. During its former active period, Paideia published 273 titles.

The first work to appear under the revived imprint will be Egbert Schuurman's Technology and The Future. This work will be followed by the Collected Writings of H. Evan Runner, and then four other works we are presently working on. They are also pulling together a number of thematic collections by some of the best Reformational systematic thinkers.
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