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Thursday, 14 September 2006

Christian Labour Unions

What's Christian about a union? There are two - at least - labo(u)r unions that are Christian: CLAC in Canada and CLA of the USA. According to the Christian Labor Association site:

Our name reflects our Christian principles of democracy, freedom, justice, responsibility, and respect for all. The Christian Labor Association is inclusive, not exclusive.

The CLA does not expect members to be Christians. Members are attracted to the CLA by its labor relations policies, its principles, its common-sense approach to workplace issues, and by the services it offers. The CLA does not discriminate, nor does it tolerate discrimination.

What else does the "Christian" in the CLA's name mean?
  • work is not just a job, not just a pay check, it should be a meaningful way for people to earn a living and contribute to society
  • respect for all persons in the workplace as human beings created in the image of God
  • justice in the workplace, whether it's about pay, benefits, work relations, or conflicts that arise, people expect and deserve to be treated fairly
The CLA also produce a newsletter that is available in pdf form here. [HT: OwlB]

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