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Monday, 25 September 2006

The Reading Room

I have just come across an offshoot of Theo Plantinga's website: The Reading Room.

There are a number of excelelnt articles here, including ones by William Harry Jellma, James Olthuis, EH. Evan Runner, Danie Strauss, Harry Van Dyke, Lambert Zuidervart and an MA thesis by Daniel Mullins.

Olthuis, Strauss and Zuidervaart all explore how close Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven were in their thinking.


Paul said...

How did I miss this page?!

(Just re-read his history papers; very interesting stuff).

Steve Bishop said...

I saw it thanks to Gideon S.'s link to one of Harry Van Dyke's papers. I'm looking forward to reading about the similarities/ differecnes between D and V.

Baus said...

I just recently came across it too! Andrea Hensen told me he's getting students to find references for him for class credit. We'll have to ask him about it on ThinkNet.