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Monday, 27 March 2006

Vincent Brümmer on Dooyeweerd in new book

Vincent Brümmer the author of a critical study of Dooyeweerd, Transcendental Criticism and Christian Philosophy: A Presentation and Evaluation of Herman Dooyeweerd’s “Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea” (Franeker: T. Wever, 1961), has a new compilation of essays out: Brümmer on Meaning and the Christian Faith: Collected Writings of Vincent Brümmer Ashgate, 2006.

The full table of contents is here. There are two chapters on Dooyeweerd: 'Dooyeweerd and the role of religion in philosophy' and 'Dooyeweerd and the neutrality of a transcendental criticism'. Unfortunatley, the books costs £70.


Rudi said...

There is a third article "The dilemma of a Christian Philosophy" which first appeared in the book "Philosophy and Christianity" dedicated to Dooyeweerd which also deals with Dooyeweerd's philosophy. Looks like a worth while book. Just need to find £70 and some time to read it. Not likely at the moment.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi Rudi,

Thanks for that. I will be ordering it through my local libraries inter-library loan system - costs me few pence!