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Monday, 13 March 2006

Ronald H. Nash dies

Ronald Nash, former professor of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has died.

He was the author of over 35 books on theology, philosophy and apologetics. He also wrote a critique of Dooyeweerd: Dooyeweerd and the Amsterdam Philosophy (Zondervan, 1962). There he concluded:

Inasmuch as it is the purpose of tis book to prepare the way for more profitable discussions of this new philosophy in the future, it would seem some suggestions are in order.

First of all, there should be exerted in all future writings of this philosophy a greater effort to avoid the ambiguity and problems of terminology that are to be found in all of the previous publications. Good thinking is never complimented by and should never be accompanied by poor communication.

Secondly, I believe attempts should be made to come to grips with the objections raised by others and myself.

Thirdly, I believe that Dooyeweerd's American disciples should extend the implications of his philosophic thought to the peculiar American and English brands of philosophy such as Logical positivism and the school of linguistic analysis.

We have yet to hear the last of either for or against the Philosophy of the Idea of Law. I trust that this brief study may help point out the future discussions of it should take.
p. 105.

Other details of Nash can be found here, here and here. [HT Albert Gedraitis]

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