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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Friday, 13 January 2006

Plantinga audio files lists the following audio files by Alvin Plantinga available on-line:
Evolutionary Arguments against Naturalism (Real Media)
The God Problem
Is Christian Scholarship Possible?
Pluralism: Defense of Religious Exclusivism
Warrant and Proper Function chapter 1
Alvin Plantinga and Hilary Putnam Discuss God's Existence
Against Materialism
Theism, Atheism, and Rationality



Tom Gilson said...

Just a note of appreciation: rarely do you find a scholar of Plantinga's caliber who also has a sense of humor, one who is both so deep and so entertaining to read or to hear. He's worth listening to on more than one level.

Anonymous said...

Platinga's work is genius at the highest level. Yet he is indeed quite relatable to the average layperson (& to me that's one of his greatest strengths). Like Kierkegaard his works are exceptionally consistent, never lagging in quality, but obviously, unlike Kierkegaard, he is thouroughly evangelical in his overall hermeneutic of Scripture. Indeed as I often say he is the crem' de le crem' of the crem' crem'!