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Tuesday, 24 January 2006

History of Reformational Movement part 5

Theodore Plantinga's History of the Reformational Movement has been updated [HT Rudi Hayward on thinknet] with part 5: When the Scriptures fell open:
Cornelis Veenhof (1902-83) experienced the early days of the reformational movement as a student. In this excerpt from one of his books, he tells about the excitement generated by Dooyeweerd, Vollenhoven and Schilder during the 1930s. The book is Om de "Unica Catholica": Een beschouwing over de positie van de bezwaarden onder en over de synodocratie (Goes: Oosterbaan Le Cointre, 1949). This excerpt is taken from pages 52-56 (translation mine). -Theodore Plantinga


Rudi said...

Hi Steve,

Check Part II of his narrative which covers Church and Worship

Part 5 is the document side of his project.

Steve Bishop said...

Thanks, Rudi.