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Wednesday, 11 January 2006

All of life redeemed site - one-year old

The All of life redeemed website is now one-year old. It has grown at a fantastic pace. At present there are the following articles available from the site - in no particular order:

Clouser, Roy Reason and Belief in God
Clouser, Roy Is There a Christian view of Everything from Soup to Nuts?
Clouser, Roy Is Theism Compatible with Evolution?
Clouser, Roy Two Watersheds of Biblical Interpretation
Clouser, Roy Is God Eternal?
Clouser, Roy A Critique of Historicism
Clouser, Roy On the General Relation of Religion, Metaphysics, and Science
Clouser, Roy A Sketch of Dooyeweerd's Philosophy of Science" in
Clouser, Roy The Uniqueness of Dooyeweerd's Program for Philosophy and Science: Whence the Difference?"
Clouser, RoyGenesis and Science on the Origin of the Human Race
Clouser, Roy Divine Accommodation: An Alternative Theory of Religious Language
Clouser, Roy Religious Language: A New Look at an Old Problem
Clouser, Roy A Critique of Descartes and Heisenberg
Clouser, Roy Aristotle's Theory of Incontinence
Wolters, Al On Vollenhoven's Problem-Historical Method
Strauss, D F M An Analysis of the Structure of Analysis (The Gegenstand-relation in discussion)
Strauss, D F M Reductionism in Mathematics: Philosophical Reflections
Strauss, D F M Does it make sense to distinguish between the natural sciences and the humanities?
Strauss, D F M Historical and systematic considerations relevant to an assessment of the position of the university.
Strauss, D F M Reason: Its Kaleidoscopic ideological interface.
Strauss, D F M The contemporary challenge to Christian scholarship.
Strauss, D F M How “rational” is “rationality”?
Strauss, D F M The Achilles' heel of positivism.
Strauss, D F M Is a Christian Mathematics possible?
Strauss, D F M The “Copernican turn” of biology in the 20th Century
Strauss, D F M Science and Scholarship in Historical Perspective
Strauss, D F M Intellectual influences upon the reformational philosophy of Dooyeweerd
Strauss, D F M Philosophical Perspectives on Leisure, Play and Sport.
Strauss, D F M The best known but least understood part of Dooyeweerd's philosophy.
Wearne, Bruce John Dawkins Versus John Calvin
Wearne, Bruce Christian Students In The University Crisis
Wearne, Bruce Evangelicals And Their Political Problems With Christian Education
Wearne, Bruce A Free University And Professional Formation
Wearne, Bruce Voluntary Student Unionism
Wearne, Bruce A Christian Study Centre and the Re-Formation Of Academic Qualifications
Wearne, Bruce Interview with Adolpho de la Sienra Garcia
Russell, Richard In Defence of Dooyeweerd and of Christian Philosophy
Russell, Richard Dooyewerdian diagrams
Tol, Anthony In memoriam: Vollenhoven
Roques, Mark Pub philosophy: Engaging the Great Philosophers with Beer, Cigars and Crisps
Roques, Mark The Rennaisance
Roques, Mark Maths and the Disenchanted Cosmos
Roques, Mark The Enlightenment
Roques, Mark Romanticism
Russell, Richard Dooyeweerdian Diagrams
Richard Russell In defence of Dooyeweerd
Gousmett, Chris Creation order and miracle according to Augustine
Gousmett, Chris A latter day Augustinian: Diemer on creation and miracle
Gousmett, Chris Miracles: signs of the coming kingdom
Gousmett, Chris Descartes and the theory of contingency
Gousmett, Chris The Christ of the Spirit in Athanasius and Kuyper
Gousmett, Chris Dooyeweerd on Faith and apostasy
Sewell, Keith The Idea of a Free Christian University
Sewell, Keith A High Challenge for Tough Times
Sewell, Keith That Was Then, This is Now
Sewell, Keith (ed) Hendrik Van Riessen The University and its Basis
Sewell, Keith (ed) Jan D. Dengerink The Necessity of Christian Universities
Sewell, Keith The Eclipse of History and the Crisis in the Humanities
Sewell, Keith The Bible, Science and Scholarship
Fackerell, Edward The Relationship Between Mathematics and the Christian Faith'
Fackerell, Edward A Christian perspective on teaching mathematics'.
Bishop, Steve Beliefs shapes mathematics
Bishop, Steve Mathematics and the myth of neutrality
Wolterstorff, Nick Dooyewerd: an appreciation

My thanks to all who have agreed to post their papers on-line.

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