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Monday, 8 September 2014

British Calvinists: Anne Dutton (1692-1765)

Anne Dutton (1692-1765) was born in Northampton, her maiden name was Williams. In her teenage years she attended the Baptist congregation pastored by John Moore. She married a Mr Catrell in 1713 and moved with him to London where they attended a Calvinistic Baptist congregation founded by Hansard Knollys.  In 1714 John Skepp became the pastor. It was through Skepp that Anne became influenced by hyper-Calvinsim.

In 1720 her husband died so she returned to her family in Northampton where she married a clothier, Benjamin Dutton (1691-1747). Benjamin Dutton became the pastor of a congregation in Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire. He died at sea in 1747 returning from North America where he gone to raise money.

During her widow years, the wisdom and piety of Anne Dutton became renowned.  Her ministry was mainly in writing letters, poems and tracts. Many looked to her for spiritual direction. Those she had correspondence with many included Howel Harris, Selina Hastings, William Seward, George Whitfield and Philip Doddridge.

Some of Dutton's writings are available here:
and here:

Michael Haykin, 2006, A Cloud of Witnesses (ET Perspectives 3), Darlington, Evangelical Times.


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