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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

British Calvinists: Daniel Williams (1643-1716)

Daniel Williams (1643-1716) was born in Wrexham. He was a presbyterian. From 1664-1687 he ministered in Ireland. In 1687 he went to London where he became friends with Richard Baxter and John Howe. He was an opponent of the hyper-Calvinism of Tobias Crisp and Chauncy, and he was accused of having arminian tendencies.

He died from asthma in Hoxton. He left almost 8000 books and money to establish what is now known as Dr Williams's Library. He also gave money for the establishment of several charity schools in Wales and for scholarships for non-Conformists to go to Glasgow University and Camarthen Academy.

Some of his works are available here:

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