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Saturday, 31 December 2011

ACMS 2011 Conference Proceedings

The ACMS 2011 Conference proceedings are now online here.

They contain the following papers:
Brian D. Beasley, Where, Oh Waring? The Classic Problem and its Extensions
Ryan Botts, Lori Carter, Lesson's Learned: A Journey in Computational Science
Robert L. Brabenec, Thinking Philosophically about Mathematics
Jeremy Case, PK Mathematicians
Loredana Ciurdariu, Pascal's Thoughts Seen in the Light of Scripture
Eric Gossett, The Search for Hamilton
Nathan Gossett, The Need for a Graphics Programming Course in CS
Wayne Iba, Real Simulations and Simulated Reality
Stephen Lovett, Bringing Undergraduate Research into the Classroom
Nathan Moyer, Connecting Mathematics Students to Philosophy and Faith
Judith Palagallo, Calculus Communication Circle .
Doug Phillippy, The Study of Mathematics: A Text from a Christian Perspective
Donna Pierce, Math History Study Abroad Program
Michael Rempe, Google and the Mathematics of Web Search
Gordon A. Swain, The History of the Area between a Line and a Parabola
Mary Walkins, History of Mathematics: An Exercise in Strengths
Samuel P. Wilcox, A Bayesian Secondary Analysis in an Asthma Study
Josh Wilkerson, What we can Learn from Process Theology
Nicholas J. Willis, Two Faith Integration Projects for Freshman Majors
Maria Zack, Using Original Historical Mathematics Texts in the Classroom
Nicholas C. Zoller, The Mathematics of Cubic Sudoku 
Details of other ACMS conferences are here.

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