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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Oliver Barclay's misconception of Reformed Christian philosophy

The Reformed Christian philosophy of Dooyeweerd and Vollenhofen was introduced at this time [late sixties and early seventies] from Holland, but it was not able to arouse more than a passing interest in most people because of its difficulty, and because of the lack of interest in philosophy both in Christian circles and in the country as a whole. It also seemed to some, myself included, to put philosophy above theology and thereby to avoid the necessity of going to the Bible first of all and last of all.
Oliver Barclay Evangelicalism in Britain 1935-1995 (Leicester: IVP, 1997)

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Jeremy said...

Dear Steve,

I agree this is a terrible misconception which I am working to counteract by showing the trinitarian roots of the thought of both Herman Dooyeweerd and Dirk Vollenhoven, which are in turn rooted in Scripture.

Jeremy Ive