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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Bibliography for a Christian approach to technology


Ian Barbour 1992. Ethics in an Age of Technology (The Gifford lectures 1990-91) (London: SCM) 
Examines the ethical challenges that technology confronts us with.

Andrew Basden 2008. Philosophical Frameworks for Understanding Information Systems (IGI Publishing) 
Develops a Dooyeweerdian approach to information systems - essential reading!

Andrew Basden 2017. The Foundations of Information Systems; Research and Practice. London: Routledge.

Bert Cusveller, Maarten Verkerk and Marc de Vries 2011. The Matrix Reformed Science Fiction, Technology and Christian Philosophy. Sioux Center: Dordt College Press.

Albert Borgmann 2003. Power Failure: Christianity in the Culture of Technology. (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2003)

Church of England BSR Cybernauts Awake

Jacques Ellul 1965. Technological Society (London: Jonathon Cape) 
A pessimistic view of technology. Sees technology as a product of the fall. An important work nonetheless.

Allen Emerson and Cheryl Forbes 1990. The Invasion of the Computer Culture (Leicester: IVP)
An examination of some of the key questions the computer culture has forced upon us. They also offer practical ways that computers can be used without being seduced by the bad. This should be required reading for all Christians who use computers! 

David H. Kim et al. 2016. The Wonder and Fear of Technology. Center for Faith and Work

Allan Jiggins 1988. Human Future: Living as Christians in a High-Tech World (London: Scripture Union, 1988)
A useful introductory book.

David Lyon 1986. The Silicon Society (Tring: Lion)
An insightful Christian critique of the computer culture.

Stephen V Monsma, (ed). 1986. Responsible Technology: A Christian Perspective. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. 
An indispensable book. If you only read one book on technology it should be this one!

Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote, eds. 1984. Theology and Technology: Essays in Christian Analysis and Exegesis (New York: University Press of America)
Has an extensive annotated bibliography, as well as containing useful articles by Ellul and Egbert Schurmann among others. 

Parker Rossman and Richard Kirby 1990. Christians and the World of Computers: Professional and Social Excellence in the Computer World (London: SCM) 
A study book; each chapter comes with suggestions for study and reading.

David Pullinger 2001. Information Technology and Cyberspace: Extra-connected living. (London, Darton, Longman & Todd)

Hendrick van Riessen The Society of the Future (Presbyterian and Reformed, no date)

 Byron Borger has a review/ summary of the book here.
 A website to support the book is here. My review is here

1977, 1983 Reflections on the Technological Society. Toronto: Wedge Pub.
1980 Technology and the Future -- A Philosophical Challenge. Toronto: Wedge Pub
Not an easy read but well worth persevering with. Presents a Christian critique of Junger, Heidegger, Ellul, Meyer, Weiner, Steinbuch and Klaus.
1987 Christians in Babel. Jordan Station: Paideia Press.
1990 The Future: Our Choice or Gods Gift? Exile Publications, Wellington, New Zealand.
1994, 1995 Perspectives on Technology and Culture. IRS Press, South Africa/ Dordt Press, USA.
1995 The Technological Culture between the Times -A Christian Philosophical Assessment of Contemporary Society. Dordt Press.
2000 Faith and Hope in Technology. Toronto, Canada, 2003.
2005 The Technological World Picture and an Ethics of Responsibility: Struggles in the Ethics of Technology. Dordt College Press.
Schuurman writes from a reformational perspective; his books are essential reading for all those who want to see what a Christian approach looks like.

Schultze, Quentin.  Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

Quentin J. Schultze and Robert H. Woods Jr. (eds) 2008. Understanding Evangelical Media. IVP.

Robert A. Wauzzinski 2001. Discerning Prometheus: The Cry for Wisdom on Our Technological Society. London: Associated Press.

Chapters in books
Egbert Schuurman:
   1984 A Christian Philosophical Perspective on Technology. In C. Mitcham and J. Grote (eds), Theology and Technology, New York: University Press of America, pp. 107- 123.
   1987 The Modern Babylonian Culture. In P. Durbin (ed.) Technology and Responsibility. Dordrecht: Reidel, pp. 229-243
  1992 Crisis in Agriculture: Philosophical Perspective on the relation between Agriculture and Nature. In F. Ferr (ed.) Research in Philosophy and Technology -- Technology and the Environment London: Jai Press, pp. 191-213;

Charles Adams

  1980. "Engineering in Reformed perspective." Pro Rege 9 (September): 9-21.
  1991. "Automobiles, computers and assault riflesPro Rege 19(3) (March): 1-7.
  1997. "Galileo, biotechnology, and epistemological humility.Pro Rege 35(3) (March): 1-19.
  1995. "Transcending technophilia and technophobia: a Reformational perspective on technology." Christian Educators Journal 35 (October): 2-3.
  2013. "Teaching technical engineering courses from a Christian perspective: Two examples." Pro Rege 41 (March): 1-11.

Willis Alberda 1984. "Norms for an information age." Pro Rege 13:22-28.

Andrew Basden

  2003. with A. Trevor Wood-Harper A Philosophical Enrichment of CATWOE

Elwood Bass 1974. "Science, technology and society - a historical perspective." Pro Rege 2:  11-18

Steve Bishop 'Towards a Christian approach to technologySpectrum 23 (1991) 9-15

Steve Bishop 'The religious dimension of technologyRE Today 10 (3) 1993

J. D. R. de Raadt. 1998. A New Management of Life. Toronto Series in Theology (Vol. 75). Lampeter: Edwin Mellen.

Ken Funk 2007. "Thinking critically about technologyPSCF 

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Paul Marshall 1986. 'Modern technology: idol or divine gift?' Evangelical Review of Theology vol. 10 (1986) 258-69
David Pullinger 2004. Information technology: the ethical task.Gospel and Culture Newsletter. 21 (2004) 
Russell Maatman 1984. "The validity of science and technology." Pro Rege 13: 14-21..

Byron Newberry 2005. "The Challenge of Vocation in Engineering Education," Christian Scholar’s Review 35(1): 49-62.

David Pullinger 2003. The impact of information technology on human identity The Bible in Transmission Summer 2003 

Derek C. Schuurman 

        2007. "Forming a Christian view of computer technology." Journal of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS).
        2012. "Technology has a message." Christian Educators Journal 51(3): 4-7.
                "A summary of a Christian perspective on computer science"
        2017 "Technology and the Biblical Story", Pro Rege, Vol. 46, No. 1, September, 2017, pp. 4-11.
        2017.  "Modern Devices and Ancient Disciplines", Faith Today, November/December 2017, pp. 39-41.

Egbert Schuurman:

  1979. Technology in a christian-philosophical perspective (ICS - republished in (1984))
  1980. Futurology or eschatology Vanguard 10 (1): 8-11
  1993. Technicism and the dynamics of creation. Philosophia Reformata 58: 185-191.A confrontation with technicism as the spiritual climate of the WestWestminster Theological Journal 58 (1): 64-84.
  1997. Philosophical and technological problems of technicism and genetic engineeringPhilosophical and Ethical Problems of Genetic Engineering Techne, Electronic Journal of The society for Philosophy and Technology, vol.3, no. 1,1997.
  2002. The ethics of technology: technological worldview, pictures, motives, values and normstechnology paper presented at Ecology, theology and Judeo-Christian ethics conference
Technology, genetic maniplulation, and the future [excerpts from "The Future: Our Choice or God's Gift?"] Public Justice Reports
  2005. The ethics of responsibility paper presented at IS2005 Ethics: Person, Practices and Society Conference
  2006. "Struggle in the ethics of technology.Koers 71(1):155-173.

Steven H. VanderLeest 2006. 'Teaching Justice by Emphasizing the Non-neutrality of Technology', JECB 10 (2) 2006:111-128

Quentin J. Schultze 2004. 'Faith, Education and Communication Technology' JECB 8 (1) 2004: 9-21
Wayne Tinga 1985. "Computers and robotics." Pro Rege 13: 2-10.





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Mikey Lynch said...

thanks very much for this bibliography. i'm about to preach on the topic at our Tuesday night service, and wanted to give the topic the reflection it deserved.

all i had was the name ellul when i googled and i came across this list. thanks and god bless.

Quentin Schultze said...

Nicely done bibliography with some very substantive books. I've got a new book out (Understanding Evangelical Media) with an accompanying website that you might want to visit. About fifty authors contributed to the book, which covers everything from Christian books and YouTube videos to theme parks and podcasting. I put that book's website in the second link, below. I'd also like to encourage more people to write on the topic of faith and technology -- via an Augustinian approach I call "faithcrafting." Thanks for your work contributing to the larger project.

Quentin Schultze
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, Michigan