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Monday, 25 June 2007

Robert Knudsen's Dooyeweerd course outline

Here is the course outline of the '4751 The Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd' taught by Robert Knudsen at Westminster Theological seminary during 1974-75.

Course Outline

I. Introduction

II. Background Study

A. Kantianism

1. Immanuel Kant
2. The Marburg School of Neo-Kantianism
3. The Baden School of Neo-Kantianism

B. Phenomenology

III. Dooyeweerd's Critique of Kantianism and Phenomenology

A. Kantianism

1. Lack of a Cosmological Foundation
2. Failure to Solve the Problem of Synthesis
3. The Kantian 'Ideas' Do not Transcend the Cosmic Diversity of Meaning
4. Kantian Epistemology Dominated by the Motive of Nature and Freedom

B. Neo-Kantianism
1. Consistent Application of the Dogma of the Atuonomy of Theoretical Thought
2. The Distinction of Norm and Fact
3. The Distinction of Form and Content


1. The Crisis of Foundations
2. The Self-Sufficient of Theoretical Thought
3. The Primary Field of Consciousness
4. The Transition to Irrational Phenomenology

IV.The Transcendental Problems of Philosophy: A Critique of Theoretical Thought

A. The Problem of Antithesis
1. Pre-Theoretical and Theoretical Thought
2. The Problem of Time
3. The Structure of the Antithetical (Gegenstand) Relation

B. The Problem of Synthesis

C. The Problem of the Self
D. Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of God in the Grip of the Religious Ground Motives

V. Some Major Critics of Dooyeweerd

A. William Young
B. Vincent Brummer
C. Hendrik Stoker

D. C. Van Til

VI. Concluding Reflection: The Religious Source and Intent of Christian Transcendental Philosophy


Thoughts of Steve said...

thanks for including this. Why 1974-75 for this outline? Did you go to Westminster Seminary?

stevebishop said...

Hi, No - I didn't go to WTS. The date was on a copy of the syllabus that came into my possession.



Jeremy Chen said...

as an entering MDiv, I wish he was still around teaching this!