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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Odds and sods

There is a brief history of blogger here.

A list of 10 great web tools here.

Victor Reppert, author of C S Lewis's dangerous Idea, has a second blog here - the first is here. Dangerous idea 2 is a blog to discuss the argument from reason.

Camshafts has some interesting questions/ issues for neo-calvinism:
(1) There is an inherent ambiguity in the language of 'worldview' or 'groundmotive'.
(2) Ground-motive isn't explanatory.
(3) Is it foundationalism?
(4) Its criticisms of dualism seem unfounded.
OttoBib is a free bibliography generator - I've not tried it out yet, but hope too soon. [HT lifehack]

Scott McKnight has been discussing Wayne Grudem's take on William J. Webb's excellent book Slaves, Women and Homosexualsand his redemptive movement hermeneutic.

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