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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

A few links

There is a fascinating conference on 'Karl Barth and American Evangelicals: Friends or Foes?' 24-27 June. Details here [HT Generous Orthodoxy ThinkTank]. Speakers include D G Hart and George Harinck, Michael Horton, John Franke and Kevin Hector. Topics include Barth and ... Van Til, emergent, radical orthodoxy, neo-anabaptism ....

Lifehack has 26 tips to keep your computer up and functioning - this is rather close to my heart as my computer malfunctioned over Christmas and the New Year, I had to reformat it and lost a lot of information.

To Snap or not to snap?
I've been using snap for a few weeks now - and becoming increasingly frustrated with it. So too have a number of other bloggers: here and here. There is also a poll here [HT Bill Kinnon What do others think?

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Baus said...

I don't know what these people are talking about when they say "takes up too much bandwidth". Really, what are they talking about?

Anyway... I installed snap on my blog because I liked using it on other people's blogs. I use it exactly as it was designed, I think... to preview the site linked and see if it looks (rather than just "sounds") worth visiting. These anti-snap-pers complain that the windows are too small to get an idea what the site is like. I say they need glasses.

The anti-snap-pers also complained that they constantly hover over a link by accident, and then the snap window blocks what they were reading. Well, I don't have a good solution for their lack of mouse control... but when they loose control and accidentally hover, all that is required is to move the pointer half a mm off the link, and the snap preview window disappears!

I don't know. Unless I get a bunch of complaints... I'm keeping my snap.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi gregory,

Thanks for your comments. What I find frustrating about it is that when I right click, with the intention of opening the site in a new tab, Snap does sometimes get in the way.