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Saturday, 24 December 2005

TB, evolution, creationism and ID

An amusing cartoon on the above can be found here.


Paul Otto said...

You know, I like Doonesbury, but I didn't really appreciate this cartoon. ID is getting lumped, unfairly I think (and not just be Trudeau), with 6-day creationalism, fundamentalism, and anti-intellectualism. Unless I'm missing something, ID thinking is in a very different camp from these other perspectives. The debate on origins, age of the earth, etc., is polarized and most people expressing opinions on it seem to see the options as either A or Z with no nuance or options in the middle.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi Paul,

I agree that ID has become tarnished with the six-day creationist brush - it has been described as stealth creationism, creationsim in a tuxedo, born-again creationism, religion cloaked in scientific jargon, as the last gap of dying creationism among other things.

It is different from the perspectives you mention; Behe agrees with some form of evolution and Dembski holds to an old earth.